Affiliate Links & Adsense

I've had to get creative with earning a paycheck around here. Due to my wife's illness, I cannot work outside of the home and so try to make money doing what I can online. This leads me to using advertisement and affiliate links on my blog as well as putting a "Donate" button on my sidebar. If you find the information that I put on my website useful, I ask that you will consider donating or using one of these links. If you are turned off by such things, then my feelings will not be hurt one bit by your departure, though I will miss you. I have to do what I have to do. I will do my utmost best in tailoring the ads so that they are relevant to the content. 

Advertisements (Working)


In compliance with FTC regulations, I will detail in any review if the product was purchased by me or provided by the manufacturer or author for free. That's only common sense. I will also disclose if I have received copies for contests or give-aways. If the product was purchased by me, I may provide an affiliate link. If it was provided by the author, publisher, or manufacturer, then I will post a link to their websites. Whether I paid for it or it was received free does not determine the positive or negative outcome of the review. All will be disclosed in the review. If there ever is an occasion where it may be questionable, please bring it to my attention.

I am happy to write a review about any product that fits in the geek community. Whether it be book, movie, comic book, toy, or gadget. Books will fit into the science fiction, fantasy, horror, or action/thriller categories, but if they're borderline, feel free to ask me anyway. I will also accept ePubs and PDFs as review copies.

If I accept a product, I will do my utmost best to write a review within 30 days of receiving it. Books will be read as quickly as possible and I will strive to post reviews in advance of publication dates or as near to them as possible. 

This is subject to change as my schedule changes but as I've said there will be no secrets about what I've reviewed. Though I will use affiliate links in my reviews, no income is paid to me to write the review or to insure it's positivity or negativity.