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Kevin J. Anderson signs _Sisterhood of Dune_

Kevin J. Anderson will be in town Tuesday (that’s tomorrow) January 10 to sign Sisterhood of Dune at Barnes & Noble in Dallas. It’s the Lincoln Park location over by Northpark Mall and I’m sure there is going to be a pretty good size crowd. Follow the link up above to the event page for more info.

Sisterhood of Dune Book Cover Brian Herbert Kevin J AndersonI can’t say that I’ll be going just because I’m on a budget and that I haven’t read anything past the original Dune and I had to read it twice to get everything. I’ve seen the movie more than that and still miss things. That doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it. Heck, if I didn’t, I wouldn’t have put myself through it again. There seems to be some discord on the net about whether anything after Frank Herbert is worth reading. This is just one website that I found that seems to be a little “ticked” off about the pairing of Brian Herbert and Kevin. How many of you out there read the series and feel that it’s up to snuff? Anyone ticked off about the later books? Let me know whether I should waste my time with it or not.

If you’re a little undecided about whether to buy the book yet (it was released January 3rd), you can go to this link at Tor.com to read an excerpt from it. I’ll post what I think of the excerpts as soon as I get some feedback from you about the book.

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