August 27, 2009

Midnight Movie Showings and the SGU trailer

SGU Yes, the Stargate Universe trailer will be shown before ‘Halloween II’, ‘The Final Destination’ and ‘TFD 3D’. Here’s a list of country-wide participating theaters and then my general list of Dallas-area theaters. For some reason, on the Google list, Vista Ridge Cinemark is not showing up, but it is showing the movies tonight. Here’s a link for them. In fact, if you don’t see your favorite theater, double check it by just going to it’s website. It’s kind of funny that I can’t find the Vista Ridge, because it’s been on there before. Oh, well, have fun. I’m going to see G.I. Joe (finally) and will probably just sneak into a theater for the trailers. Have fun, ya’ll!

August 25, 2009

Gamestop Arkham Asylum Release Party a Success

DSC01475I dropped by the Gamestop #688 after work tonight to check out who was standing in line. Got there about 11:30 just as they were doing the prize drawings and snapped off a few random shots. Lots of costumed characters (and very well done, I might add) were in attendance. Thanks to Andrew for his help and look forward to hearing about new events from him in the future. Then I stopped at the Gamestop around the corner from Boomerang to see how Marty was holding up with his sketches. Run into Jamel while I was snapping photos of the crowd and the Bat suit. Supposedly, it’s the one worn by Michael Keaton and just to be near it was pretty cool. Met some new people including a youngster named Dayton who was tearing up the new Batman demo. His mom and dad, gamers themselves, said that he was just as excited about the new game as they were. Howdy, to Keith at Gamestop #465 and look forward to hearing from him about new events.

You can check out the rest of the photos here or by clicking on “Galaxy Photos” to the right. You can download for your own personal use and if you want the original file you can email me and I’ll send it to you. If you have any photos, send me some links so that I’m can put them here and share.

August 24, 2009

Batman - Arkham Asylum Midnight Release in Lewisville

Batman_060724023738235_wideweb__300x200,1-755578I’m still sketchy on the details, but I do know that Neal and the gang will be having a blast at midnight tonight. They’ve gotten together with both Gamestop stores in the area and will be giving away prizes and food. Marty Longoria will be at the Gamestop next to Boomerang doing sketches and they will have the original Michael Keaton Batman suit on display at one of them (not sure which one). Gamestop #688 is on Round Grove Rd. across from Vista Ridge mall and #465 is across Hwy 35 in front of the Target. They are in the same building as Boomerang. Hope to see everyone there.

August 18, 2009

Wanderings – Catching up

As I’ve already posted, I’m back in the workforce. Very happy to be there, especially after the eight month hiatus. I do miss working on the blog though, and I’m sure you’ve noticed the slower rate of posting. Not intentional, but I’m not making money off of the website, so it gets the back burner. I figured that I would use these “wanderings” to kind of catch up on what is happening in the week ahead and in this particular post, let you know how I use twitter.

Let me start with twitter. I love watching the tweets, but I’m usually on at odd hours. I have no idea when most of you are or aren’t so I thought that I might set up an auto tweeter to send out at certain times of the day, a schedule  for the upcoming days. Kind of like what you would find here. I will also eventually add a page of all the people I follow in twitter so that you can show them some tweet love. If you have any suggestions, please send them my way.

In other news, Thursday night is the simulcast of RiffTrax’ ‘Plan 9 From Outer Space’ at local participating theaters.

Friday night is the iMax preview of ‘Avatar’. Some of you may have already seen it at SDCC, but I couldn’t afford that, so I’ve reserved a view for Friday at 7pm. I signed up for alerts, but it would seem that even the e-mail system is slow. I got the Avatar news alert too late to post here and by the time I was able to get to it, only a few tickets were left. I apologize and will be a little more diligent in getting this information to you.

Saturday morning tickets go on sale for ‘Star Wars in Concert’. I’ve got my alarm set for 10am CDT (I think that’s Central Daylight Time). Prices are really not that bad, it’s the parking that’s going to kill. Not sure on the prices, but I’ve heard anywhere between $15 and $40. Heck, get enough people together and split a limo for less than that. May have to do that. Tickets are on sale at Ticketmaster.

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RiffTrax' 'Plan 9 from Outer Space'

Star Wars in Concert and Update

August 15, 2009

Update: Star Wars in Concert for Dallas Texas

Tickets went on sale the 12th for American Express card holders (I think that’s what they mean) then on the 17th and 18th for Cowboys Club seat holders and Cowboys Reserved seat holders respectively. VIP packages and general public tickets will go on sale the 22nd. Prices will run from $35 to 75 which is not too shabby. I’ve got a brand new credit card just waiting to be broken in. Who all wants to road trip? Here’s my previous post.

August 14, 2009

‘Legion’ Movie Trailer

I’ve looked at this trailer and I think I’m in love. I’ve always been a fan of the supernatural when it pertained to the higher power. As a child, we went to a Baptist church where we learned of the fire and brimstone and instead of fearing myself away from sin, it made me want to read more about the Rapture and the Apocalypse and how the end of times would be. Granted, I don’t think this movie is what God has in mind, but it sure looks good. I’ve posted the trailer on a separate page because it is rated “R”, so listen up kids. Don’t fake it because the man upstairs will know if you did and the movie might come true. If you are younger than 17 then look at this pretty picture below and get your parents to take you to the movie when it comes out January 22, 2010.Desktop Background

August 13, 2009

Midnight Movies at Inwood Theater and a Personal Update

I just wanted to kind of give everyone a heads up on what was going on with the 6 days of no posting. I finally got a job after 8 months of looking and couple that with taking care of the pregnant wife (due in January) I got kind of busy. I’m trying to set up a schedule and automate a few things so that I can keep everyone posted on what’s happening. I finally got a chance to get over and see Neal and the gang at Boomerang and catch up on what was happening in the area. Denisha offered up a midnight showing at the Inwood Theater of ‘Shaun of the Dead’ on August 28th and 29th (Friday and Saturday). That also pointed me to ‘The City of Lost Children’ the week before on the 21st and 22nd. Go to this link to see the entire list of movies, but you’ll have to scroll down the page to see the rest of the Midnight Madness movies.

Dallas Comic Con 2009


That’s right boys and girls. It’s back. With a full line-up of artists and writers and other celebrity guests, this looks like the place to be this weekend. Tickets are available at the show for $10 and kids under 12 get in free. I love seeing affordable prices like that. The show runs from 11am to 6pm on Saturday and from noon to 4pm on Sunday.

I’m looking forward to seeing my favorite local guys Brian Denham and Josh Howard, but I’ve got a limited window. I finally got a job after eight months of unemployment. Before, I had all the time in the world to go to these shows, but no money. Now I can afford to go but I have no time. What to do? I’m scheduled to work Saturday and still haven’t seen the schedule for Sunday. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

‘Ponyo’ Midnight Showings in Dallas

Ponyo_Wallpaper_800Ponyo didn’t get as many showings as did ‘District 9’ but then again it didn’t really receive as much press. I honestly can’t say that I’ve found anyone wanting to see this one either. If you are looking forward to seeing it, enlighten me. What do you find exciting about?

 Midnight Movie Times

District 9 Midnight Showings in Dallas

Check out this link for the midnight showings in Dallas. Is there a lot of interest in it or is it just me. I’m looking forward to seeing it but I don’t get that vibe from any of my other geek friends. What say you?

August 12, 2009

RiffTrax Live – Plan 9 from Outer Space

Anyone remember Mystery Science Theater 3000? MST3K? Anyone? That was my show, and I watched whenever I could so when they went on their merry way, I was depressed. Then I found them again. RiffTrax is the new site and it allows you to do the same thing that the cast did: add your own lines to the movie! But now, they are doing something really cool and it’s local. August 20th they will be simulcasting to local theaters the horrible/wonderful Ed Wood classic “Plan 9 from Outer Space.” Here’s the link to local shows and how you can get tickets. I’ve got it marked on the website calendar also, so there is no reason to miss this. Look to your left and you’ll find a cool widget from the show.

August 11, 2009

Marvel Comics’ 70th Anniversary with Lone Star Comics

Can you believe that this group has been around longer than you and your dad and maybe your grandfather (if you’re really young). I would tell you what issues of Spiderman I read when I was young but that would make some of you feel real old and some of you would want to know what I was talking about, so, suffice it to say, I was a Spiderman kid. On that note, you can meet him tomorrow, August 12th, at Lone Star Comics. That’s right, kids (and I mean all ages), you can meet Spiderman (and friends, according to some postings) at the Dallas location. Some posts that I have read state the event starts at 5pm and others say 7pm. I would opt for the earlier, because there will be swag given away and special edition comics for sale commemorating the event and I’m sure they will go fast. Contests, games, movies, and just a big old shindig is planned so make sure and not miss it.

Lone Star Comics in Dallas is located at 6465 East Mockingbird Lane Suite #362 Dallas, TX 75214. For more information call (214) 823-0934 or email

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Marvel Comics, 70th Anniversary Party

August 4, 2009

DFW Toy & Diecast Show


Next show Saturday 8/08/09 
Come buy your collectibles

Hot Wheels, Jada, Matchbox, Nascar, NHRA
Star Wars, Comics, Sports Cards, Action Figures

AGES 6-13 $1.00 EA


Come sell your diecast and collectibles
Tables $10.00 each plus donation for raffle
Setup starts at 7am
Where? Meadow Brook Recreation Center
1400 Dugan St1400 DUGAN ST
Arlington, Tx  76010

Email at or call 214-577-6690 for more info

Can be found on Craigslist

The Variants – Brought to you by Zeus Comics

Richard Neal at Zeus Comics here in Dallas has decided to branch out into the field of live-action web comics. Coming August 5th you will be able to see the latest release every first Wednesday of the month. Below you will find a link to the news article and their website. Warning: This is mature stuff due to adult themes. All of you folks that are old enough, enjoy. This is one of the promos from the website, but there are others, so check it out.

Pegasus News

The Variants Website

D Magazine “Frontburner”

The Thrillist

August 3, 2009

G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra – Free Movie Passes

Baroness72MovieGeekFeed really knows how to cater to the fan. They’ve put together a special screening Thursday night and you can get your passes at these two locations. In other news, MGF had a reporter/fangirl in attendance at TwiCon. You can read that post here. Gooooo, Joe!

Book Of Eli – January 15, 2010

I’ve never read the comic, Book of Eli, but it would seem that I need to track it down. Has anyone read? Are you worried that they may screw the movie up? Did you even like the comic?

The Book of Eli

August 2, 2009

Area 51 Celebrates One Year in Style

DSC01407Saturday started stormy but that didn’t last long. By the time I rolled into Area 51 at about 10:45 the skies had cleared and the temperatures were on the rise. Which meant that the best place to be was inside. Cake was on the schedule and as if on cue the crowd showed up. Erin, Mike and Wayne with the help of family members and customers had sales specials posted,DSC01419 cake and ice tea (man, I’m still coming off the sugar rush), tables with for the customers with items that they wanted to trade or sell and plenty of games in session.


DSC01411 Brian Denham was manning the pen and I got to listen in on some great conversations about the comic industry. It was great to meet Charles from Fellowship of Fools and look forward to listening to his podcasts. After cake, Erin started calling out raffle ticket numbers and gave away some sweet prizes.

DSC01442 Everyone had smiles, even the folks that didn’t win anything. Of course, on the chance of sounding cheesy but not caring, there aren’t any losers because Area 51 is set to be around for a long long time. Sorry, Erin, you’re gonna have this headache for a while, if we have anything to do with it.

Here’s the link to the album.