October 31, 2012

Darkon Takes Over Tulsa, Oklahoma

DarkonlogoDarkon is the convention for all things dark whether they be found in science fiction, fantasy, or horror. It’s put on by the same folks that bring you Tulsa’s Trek Expo. Below are just some of the celebs that you will be able to meet.

Veronica Carwright Alien X Files Candyman
Veronica Cartwright
Rick Worthy
Michael Vance Author Artist Global Star
Michael Vance
Matt Frewer Eureka Supernatural Star Trek Max Headroom
Matt Frewer
Lisa Wilcox Nightmare on Elm Street Star Trek
Lisa Wilcox
Kristin Bauer Van Straten True Blood Star Trek Enterprise
Kristin Bauer Van Straten
Garrett Wang as Ensign Kim Star Trek Voyager 320x240
Garrett Wang
Ed Gale Childs Play Phantasm Howard the Duck Spaceballs
Ed Gale
Count Gregore John Ferguson
John Ferguson as Count Gregore

Do you venture to cons outside the state of Texas? Which ones?

October 30, 2012

Batman Live–World Arena Tour at American Airlines Center

Batman Live Arena Tour at American Airlines Center Dallas TexasFaithfully adapted from the DC Comics’ characters and stories, BATMAN LIVE focuses on Robin’s quest for justice, which leads him to follow in the footsteps of his hero, the mysterious vigilante known as the Batman – much to the dismay of his protective guardian, millionaire Bruce Wayne – who secretly happens to be Batman.

This dynamic triangle resolves itself in a non-stop thrill-ride across Gotham City that transforms Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson into the legendary crime-fighters Batman and Robin and transports the audience from the Big Top of Haly’s Circus to the lower depths of Arkham Asylum – from the glittering peaks of the The Penguin’s Iceberg Lounge to the subterranean wonders that await inside the Batcave, which features a revolutionary, all-new Batmobile designed exclusively for BATMAN LIVE by Professor Gordon Murray.

First, Batman Live – World Arena Tour doesn’t look like the Broadway show about that other super hero. This is full-on story-telling with action and fire and Batmobiles! The show runs from December 12th to the 16th and you can get tickets here. Since tickets are not cheap, you may want to head over to Red Carpet Crash and try to win a pair of tickets for opening night. Is this something that you might take the family out to see?


Batman Live–World Arena Tour 2012 at the American Airlines Center

October 29, 2012

Denton Public Library and A-Kon Hosts International Games Day

International Game Day IGD12-logoDenton Public Library will be hosting International Games Day on Saturday, November 3, 2012. The Denton Public Library is located at 3020 N Locust St., Denton, TX 76209.

International Games Day is an initiative around the globe to reintroduce neighborhoods to the educational, recreational, and social values of gaming using the library as the focal point. This was started by the American Library Association five years ago and has grown to over 20,000 people who will participate on November 3rd.

“Games, like libraries, are ever changing and intergenerational,” said ALA President Maureen Sullivan. “No matter what age, game or experience level, gaming in libraries provides a space for diverse groups of people to come together in a way they can’t anywhere else in the community – in the spirit of play.”

In a quote from the Facebook Event Page;

In the 21st century, libraries are about much more than books. On Saturday, November 3, 2012, two thousand libraries around the world will showcase gaming programs and services in support of IGD12. This year marks our 5th annual event. In 2011, more than 27,700 people played games at more than 1,400 libraries across the U.S. and in other countries.  The Denton Public Library and A-Kon are proud to host a local event of IGD12.

To see if your local library is participating go to I Love Libraries or contact Jennifer Petersen, ALA Coordinator, at 312-280-5043 or jpetersen@ala.org.

October 26, 2012

The Batmobile Tour Hits Cowboys Stadium at Arlington

Got this on short notice but most of you should see it in time. They will be inside Cowboys Stadium, so to see them on Saturday, you’ll have to have a Tour Ticket or Rally Day ticket to view them. On Game Day, well, your game ticket is your way in. If you get photos, show them to us!




WHAT: The Batmobile Tour –

Seven unique vehicles from the Batman franchise

WHEN: Saturday, October 27 (open to all media)

11:00AM – 3:00PM

Sunday, October 28 (game credentialed media only)

10:00AM – Half Time

WHERE: Cowboys Stadium in Arlington

Saturday – Outside the Miller Lite Club (Inside the Stadium along the Self Guided Tour Route (Media: Free, Public: Must purchase a Tour Ticket or Rally Day ticket to see)

Sunday – East Plaza and West Plaza

For the first time in Batman franchise history, witness six Batmobiles and the Bat-Pod as they embark on a tour of sporting events across America prior to the December 4th home entertainment release of The Dark Knight Rises, the final film in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy.

The Dark Knight Rises Blu-ray Combo Pack includes “The Batmobile” documentary, an hour-long in-depth look into every aspect of the most awe-inspiring weapon in Batman’s arsenal. Journey through the birth and evolution of this technological marvel and cultural icon.

The following vehicles will be on display:

  • Batman television series and Batman, The Movie (1966) – driven by Adam West
  • Batman (1989), Batman Returns (1992) – driven by Michael Keaton
  • Batman Forever (1995) – driven by Val Kilmer
  • Batman & Robin (1997) – driven by George Clooney
  • Batman Begins (2005), The Dark Knight (2008), The Dark Knight Rises (2012) – Black Tumbler, Camouflage Tumbler, Bat-Pod – driven by Christian Bale

The next stop on the tour will be the LSU vs. Alabama game at LSU Stadium in Baton Rouge on Saturday, 11/3 and the New Orleans Saints vs. the Philadelphia Eagles at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans on Monday, 11/5.

British Emporium of Grapevine Celebrates Doctor Who Day 2012

dr-who-poster-centerlargeReceived this in an email from The British Emporium! They do this every year and it’s always a lot of fun! If you get a chance take photos and send them my way!

It's A Very British Hall-Who-Ween!
Sunday October 28th
12 noon-4 PM

Our British Halloween Open House is also DoctorWho Day 2012, celebrating the 49th TV anniversary of the beloved Time Lord! Come as your favourite character, meet fellow fans and pose with a Tardis, Dalek and K-9! Watch some of our rare videos. There'll be a Quiz to test your knowledge, and Costume Contest judging at 2 PM! Want some costume ideas? Have a look at at our Flickr page from last year's event!

Enjoy complimentary Timelord's Tea, Treats & refreshments. Browse around our shelves full of Dr. Who gifts, take home some Jelly Babies & Jammy Dodgers.

British Emporium - Doctor Who Day 2012

October 25, 2012

Video Association of Dallas Presents SHORT BURSTS OF HORROR

Tainted Milk Movie ShortThis fun little event is just in time for Halloween! Go to the link below to get tickets!

Short Burst of Horror at Dallas Museum of Art



Short Burst of Horror

Saturday, Oct 27 9:30p

at Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas, TX

Age Suitability: None Specified


Short Burst of Horror (short’s block) curated by Charles Dee Mitchell
Shadowline by Jim Haverkamp A weather beaten drifter on the fringe of a city takes refuge in a broken factory. There he finds an old coat, and in the pocket a notepad with a photo of a girl he later realizes is a missing person. Ignored by an eerily cold public, but with a sense of purpose he attempts to find her - traversing the decaying guts of the city he follows phantom clues, which are driving him to a point beyond all reason
Tainted Milk by Jimmy” ScreamerClauz On the night of a Lunar Eclipse a young boy, Tommy, is informed by his dog that the devil is living inside of his mother and that it must be destroyed before its born.
I Love Sarah Jane by Spencer Susser Jimbo is 13 and can think of only one girl -- Sarah Jane. And no matter what stands in his way-bullies, violence, chaos, or zombies-nothing will stop him from finding a way into her world.
Ethereal Chrysalis by Syl Disjonk Enter the multidimensional maze of the Ethereal Chrysalis, where the doors of perception become the annihilation of all rational thoughts.
We, The Masses by Robyn O’Neil Houston artist Robyn O'Neil is known for her large-scale, graphite drawings of men lost in vast, snowy landscapes, landscapes that evoke austere beauty, danger, and horror. This short film, produced in conjunction with Werner Herzog's Rogue Film School, animates O'Neil's world. A solitary figure, literally dropped from the sky, confronts unreasoning antagonists and natural disaster, and possibly attains transcendence.

Are you a big budget horror person or do you like the indies?

UTA Site for Local Astronomy Day Observance

NGC 206 and Star Clouds of Andromeda courtesy of Bob and Janice FeraAstronomy Day is an event that was started back in 1973 in an effort to bring the general public in contact with hobbyists, enthusiasts, and professionals to raise awareness of the study. It happens in the Spring and Fall on a date that falls closest to the first quarter moon.

This year, the University of Texas – Arlington will join with The Ft. Worth Astronomical Society and The Texas Astronomical Society to give people a chance to view demonstrations, listen to lectures, and do a little observing. Amateur astronomers will have their telescopes set up outside the planetarium, weather permitting. They are also looking for donations of books and other astro-related items for a children’s free raffle and need volunteers at the registration and raffle table. Please contact www.texasastro.org or www.fortworthastro.com if you can help!

University of Texas – Arlington: Astronomy Day

October 24, 2012

Wizard World Austin Celebrates 25 Years of Star Trek: The Next Generation

Patrick Stewart Jean Luc PicardThere isn’t much more that I can say about Wizard World: Austin, except that I wish I was able to attend! Though there are many fine actors (I’ll get to that), artists, and other personalities the thing that I’m going to miss the most is the reunion of the cast of "Star Trek: TNG.” Well, at least eight of them will be taking the stage the first time in the U.S., including Stewart (Captain Picard), Jonathan Frakes (Commander William T. Riker), LeVar Burton (Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge), Michael Dorn (Lieutenant Worf), Marina Sirtis (Counselor Deanna Troi), Brent Spiner (Lt. Commander Data) and Gates McFadden (Dr. Beverly Crusher). Heads up, though. This is an extra event that you will have to pay for. Which is kind of screwy if you ask me. As if you’re not going to be spending enough money already. Hopefully, you get an autographed photo with that paid admission.


Oh! And about fine actors! Does Wizard World buy into the Syfy Channels marketing line of “Imagine Greater?” They must when you have the wrestler CM Punk showing up. I think they’ve been doing this for several years now, but to me, it just doesn’t fit. And then this abomination! Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino (“Jersey Shore”) will be there. REALLY?!? Oh, yeah. He’s got a comic book out. Or more to the point, his image and likeness will be “gracing” a comic book. Dear, Lord.


Now, that I’ve got that out of the way. Was searching the internet this morning and came across this great video. Just when you didn’t thing you could stand to here GANGNAM STYLE again, along comes this video. One of the best movies ever! It’s “Lo Pan Style!” And James Hong, the original Lo Pan, makes an appearance!

Lo Pan Style (Gangnam Style Parody) with James Hong Cameo


  1. Going to Austin for Wizard World?
  2. Going to the Star Trek: The Next Generation Reunion, even though it’s an extra charge?
  3. How do you feel about Wrestling Stars and Jersey Shore being represented?
  4. What do you think about Lo Pan Style? Huh? Huh? What’d I tell ya?

October 23, 2012

The Original HALLOWEEN (1978) Back to the Big Screen

John Carpenter Halloween Release 2012 600x400Beginning October 25th and running through October 31st the original John Carpenter classic, “HALLOWEEN,” will grace the silver screen. In addition to being presented in HD transfer and 5.1 audio, the presentation from Screenvision will include a documentary shot from Justin Beahm called “YOU CAN’T KILL THE BOOGEYMAN: 35 YEARS OF HALLOWEEN.” For more info go to www.HalloweenOnScreen.com.


If any of you have ever witnessed Mystery Science Theater 3000 then you understand why this is a must-see. For those that do not know what Mystery Science Theater 3000 is then you need to get a Netflix subscription and start watching. Michael J. Nelson, Kevin Murphy, and Bill Corbett were just a few of the amazing people who brought us Crow T. Robot, Tom Servo, and Gypsy along with their human friend, played by Joel Hodgson then Nelson, who were forced to watch bad movies and their reactions monitored by a mad scientist. Now, the show is on the net and called Rifftrax. I witnessed their live simulcast of PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE and loved it. This looks to be another great show. Not a lot is known about the movie BIRDEMIC except that somehow Tippi Hedren found her way into it. Too bad.


Halloween, like Christmas (?), is a great time of year for catching up on favorite movies. Thanksgiving doesn’t have favorite movies. Wait, I lied. PLANES, TRAINS, AND AUTOMOBILES. Anyway, back to my first thought. Halloween is the time to re-watch old favorites and how better than on the big screen the way it was originally intended! Wednesday, October 24th, NCM Fathom Events, Turner Classic Movies, and Universal will present a double-feature FRANKENSTEIN and THE BRIDE OF FRANKESTEIN at participating theaters. This coincides with Universal’s 100th Anniversary.

In addition to the movies, it will be hosted by TCM Host Robert Osborne. Joining him will be Sara Karloff, the daughter of Boris Karloff, Bela Legosi, Jr., son of the DRACULA star, and Academy Award winning make-up artist, Rick Baker. Interviews and discussions will concern how Karloff and Legosi set the standard for the Hollywood horror film.

October 22, 2012

***UPDATED*** Dallas Fandays Photo Links

DSC03632Here’s a short list of photo sets from around the Dallas Galaxy. I’ll post more as I find them or they get submitted!





A Galaxy Called Dallas' Facebook Photo Album - Fandays 2012

Dallas News Guide Live: The best and wackiest costumes from Dallas Fan Days; Vote for your favorite!

Superhero Hype: Dallas Comic-Con 2012

Dallas Observer: The 40 Best Costumes at Dallas Comic Con's Fan Days

SciFiFx: Dallas Comic Con FanDays 2012

Wild For Wednesdays: Dallas Comic-Con Fan Days; Day Two


Convention Scene - Scene on the Web: Fan Days 2012

My Geeky Geeky Ways: Dallas Fan Days - Day One, Part One

Dallas Vintage Toys - 2012 Dallas "Fan Days" Comic Con -Day 1

Fandays Adventures!

This was my first Fandays visit and I was not disappointed, except when it was over. I think next year I will be getting the all-weekend pass and just geekin’ it out. I had heard about the line debacle back in May with Dallas Comic Con, but after talking with a few that had gone to it and seen interviews and videos from others, I figures with a little preparation, I’d be fine.

Upon arriving at the Irving Convention Center, I was immediately escorted to the ticket booth, and thought, “this isn’t so bad,” but was then escorted back out to the line. Dreams dashed, I settled in and waited. Time flew by pretty quickly and once the doors were opened up, I only waited about ten minutes to get in.

DSC03575I always like to walk the exhibitor’s hall once and get a lay of the land and to take pictures. There was plenty of eye candy for the photographer and merchandise to be had this year. I walked a little bit with my friends, Les and Thomas of The Fellowship of the Geeks, and made mental notes of things I might come back to buy. On the back DSC03614wall, Al Plastino was signing a old issue of Superman. I overheard him tell the guy that even in the condition it was in, he figured it was worth $900. And that was before he signed it. Ralph Bakshi was in a good mood when I asked him for a photograph!

Also, got to meet up with my good friend Thomas Branch. It seems that he has some good news of which I will report on later, but it does concern some of  his artwork, so stay tuned for that.

Stopped by Eddie Medina’s table and talked for a little bit. When he heard that my daughter is a Wonder Woman fan, he helped round out her collection with something to put up on her wall. Thank you, Eddie! She loved it!

Gloria Oliver, a local author, had a table and I got to talk to her for a bit. She loves to sit and fan watch and she takes some really good photos. If you follow her on Twitter, you can keep up with all the cool costumes.

A few months back, I met A. J. Moore at a small comic book get-together and became an instant fan of his children’s comic, Dorse. He was back at Fandays with more Dorse goods and will soon have Dorse plushes which my kid will really love.

Another guy that I met a few months back and really like is Matt Largent. He is the creator of an animated Star Trek parody – Stalled Trek: Amutt Time and it’s hilarious. If you can get your hands on a copy, do check it out.

DSC03633My brushes with fame came late in the day. With money being tight, I was going to pass up on autographs this year, but my crush was in town. Yes, my wife knows about her. Felicia Day and Eddie McClintock were side by side and so, I decided to get his autograph, as well as Felicia’s. Let me just say that Felicia is as pretty in person as she is in photos or on camera. Most celebrities look different, and not in a good way, when met in person, but not her. She is, also, just as sweet and pleasant to meet. I had to ask her how she handles her schedule, because she seems to be everywhere these days. If not producing The Guild or working on Geek & Sundry, she’s reading and posting reviews on Goodreads, or doing interviews or writing! I recently read a post on Lifehacker.com about how she works, her workflow and the different types of gadgets she uses and when I told her that I didn’t believe that article at all, she admitted that those types of days were few and far between. Some days it all production work, some are all writing, and she says that she gets away quite a bit. Can’t blame her. I was able to get an autographed Guild still and a photo of the two of us. It came out blurry, so I’ve decided next time, I’m bringing my own photographer!

DSC03634Eddie McClintock was right next to her and he was having a good time. I had him autograph a photo for my wife and asked for a photo of me and him. As he stepped out for our photo, he photo-bombed Felicia’s picture with a fan. I’m hoping that person will post it somewhere, so I can see it. Felicia with bunny ears and Eddie grinning maniacally over their shoulders! Laughs all around and a little dance from Eddie AND THEN he photo bombs us! Seems I didn’t understand what a “lean-out” photo  listed on his sign was. I saw several types of photos listed and I should have known it was a joke when I saw “Side Glance – $80.” Just as his sidekick snaps the photo, Eddie leans out so you can only see half of his head! It was pretty funny and he gave me a bro-hug, so I’m not complaining. I will say that his character on Warehouse 13 is not too different from the real person!

Have you got any interesting stories to tell? Fandays nightmares? Tell us about them!

October 19, 2012

Women of Wonder Day October 21, 2012

I came across this article while researching the WONDER WOMEN! documentary and thought it a great cause. Below you’ll find a press release for the Sunday event and though it’s in San Antonio, you can still donate via the web!

Women of Wonder Day Event

Heroes and Fantasies, 4945 NW Loop 410, San Antonio, TX
Benefiting the Battered Women and Childrenʼs Shelter
Sunday, October 21, 2012 12:00 PM – 5:00PM

WHAT: The event will include a celebrity memorabilia auction with autographed
items from celebrities like Bill Cosby (The Cosby Show), Lynda Carter
(Wonder Woman), Anne Rice (Interview with the Vampire), the cast of Glee,
the cast of Big Bang Theory plus original artwork that feature comic book
heroines donated by featured artists such as Stan Lee (Father of Marvel
comics), George Perez (New Teen Titans, Wonder Woman), Ivan Reis (Green
Lantern, Aquaman, JLA), Mike McKone (Avengers), Scott McDaniel
(Batman and Nightwing), and many others. This is a family event that will
have comic book artists from around the country signing books, sketching and
photo opportunities with super heroines. We invite visitors to come dressed in

WHEN: 12:00 – 5:00PM Sunday, October 21, 2012

WHERE: Heroes and Fantasies
4923 NW Loop 410, San Antonio, TX
(210) 340-0074

WHY: In October 2006-2010, the Wonder Woman Day I-V events raised over
$110,000 for Domestic Violence programs in Portland, Oregon and
Flemington, NJ. The five-year combination of auctions of over 1,100 original
art pieces, plus collectibles, autograph signings, and photo opportunities
garnered spectacular turnouts and four Mayoral Proclamations!
On October 30, 2011, the new Women of Wonder Day — again as a part of
National Domestic Violence Awareness Month — took place, returning to
Excalibur Books in Portland, Oregon, and Comic Fusion in Flemington, New
Jersey, as well as at Heroes and Fantasies in San Antonio, Texas! $5,500
was raised in San Antonio and $24,000 was raised with all three auctions.
This year, we hope to break all records. More surprises for all will be had.
100% of all monies raised goes to the designated 501(c)3 tax deductible charities!

Family Violence Prevention Services, Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to breaking the cycle of family violence by providing affected families with the necessary tools for self-sufficiency. Founded in 1977, today FVPS operates a 120-bed shelter complex, The Battered Women and Childrenʼs Shelter of Bexar County.

Women of Wonder 2012 Teaser Poster

Roll2Play and Dusk Comics Hosts a Unique Murder Mystery Experience

Looking for a different thrill around the Halloween holiday, then look no further than Coppell-based Roll2Play. The store will be the site of “The Disappearance of Johnny Angel,” a David Doub-penned mystery play where you will help bring the characters to life, or . . . death?

Carcassonne High School is having it’s annual Fall Informal Dance. All the town’s kids are abuzz with excitement for the last social event of the year. But a major drag on the whole scene is that the keenest cat in the whole school can’t make it out, Johnny Angel. The new Principal is happy because that’s one less troublemaker for that square to deal with. But his main squeeze, Sally Cook, sure is hurting without her man around. Where could the class president and head of the football team be? What could have happened to Johnny Angel?

Go to the event page on Facebook at Roll2Play and Dusk Comics present

Call Roll2Play at 972-462-7788 to reserve your spot as there are only 5 roles left, but plenty of other minor roles to take.

October 15, 2012

Chick Flicks Film Festival to Screen Wonder Women!

CF logo SF by TC -squareIf you missed the documentary WONDER WOMEN! last month, you’ve got another chance to see it this week. It will be offered as part of a film festival here in Dallas at the Angelika Theater. Women in Film.Dallas announce their 11th Annual Chick Flicks Film Festival that will run tomorrow October 16th through the 18th, 2012. The festival showcases short films produced by Texas women and in addition to the screenings and panels, there is a short film competition on the last night. Click the image to be taken to the website for more information.

Previous Post: WONDER WOMEN! The Untold Story of American Superheroines

Dallas FanDays October 19-21, 2012

Fan Days Banner PurpleIf you haven’t heard about Dallas Fandays then you either live under a rock or you need to turn in your “Nerd Card.” Growing from a small toy show in 1994, it has gone on to become the premiere convention in Texas for fans of all ages. This year is going to be even bigger and better than last year with a guest list that will make any fanboy or fangirl giddy with anticipation.

There was some concern with how things were handled last year when a larger than anticipated crowd descended upon the Irving Convention Center, but this year steps have been taken to make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible. You’ll want to make sure and read home page under “Quick Facts” and “A note to our fans:” so that you don’t get caught with your shields down once you arrive.

Felicia Day at Dallas Fan Days 2012As always, there seems to be more guests than I have time, so I’m going to have to plan ahead. For most people, the addition of a third day to the schedule will help them in doing the same. In fact, I’m tempted to go all three days myself. The guest line-up is a dream come true! I love Stan Lee and Bruce Campbell, but I have a feeling that Felicia Day will give them a run for their money! If you, also, don’t know who she is you need to catch up. Felicia is a gamer/crafter/producer/fangirl who has made a name for herself in the industry and the creator of ‘The Guild,’ an online web series about gamers who connect in the real world. She has gone on to create with Wil Wheaton the ‘Geek and Sundry’ channel on Youtube. Take time to watch her and I’m pretty sure you’ll become a fan, too.

Dallas Fan Days 2012 Guest ListDo you have a particular favorite that you’re looking forward to seeing? Do you go just for the dealer’s room? Do you dress up? Let me know what your plans are and be sure and share any photos that you happen to take while there!





Photos Courtesy of Dallas Comic-Con Presents Fandays

October 12, 2012

Dusk Comics Releases Witch Hunter, Volume 2

From Dusk Comics Press Release:

Dusk Comics will be releasing the second volume 2 of collect works of Monarch Comic's hit book, Witch Hunter.

"In Witch Hunter, Vol. 1, Jon Redmont was burned at the stake in 1692 and resurrected in modern times as Witch Hunter to battle an evil cult known as The Scarlet Circle, formed of the Earth's forgotten elder races and led by his old inquisitors. In Vol. 2, Witch Hunter learns that while The Scarlet Circle is intent on deposing humanity from the world's throne, it disagrees on the hour of humanity's downfall or who should lead them. Even worse, he is told by members of its inner circle that his opposition to them is in some way furthering their agenda and that he has been a part of their plans from the very beginning. Facing down the likes of Kirbbus, leader of the Dark Elves, Hespyx, Queen of Dragons, Maham, Dame of the Old Guard, and teaming up with the surreal hero, The Expressionist, Witch Hunter continues to oppose the darkness without being darkened by it as the boundaries of The Scarlet Circle tighten around him!"

You can also find the book at online retailers like -Barnes And Noble and Amazon .

MONARCH COMICS BOOTH 913 AT NY COMIC CON (OCT. 11-14, 2012) Free Witch Hunter Sketches on Sat., 10/13, and Free Witch Hunter Comics on Sunday, 10/14, to first 10 fans on each day who mention seeing this announcement.  Dusk Comics will be on hand with Monarch at their booth to celebrate the release of this new comic.

Also New from Dusk Comics -

The Trials and Tribulations of Miss Tilney

"Cub Reporter Henrietta Tilney is sent on her first assignment, to interview accused mass murderer Lord Beowulf Harwood. But young Henrietta quickly finds out there is much more to this story and its subject Lord Harwood. Will this plucky young reporter get her story and survive with her life intact?"   A Penny Dreadful in three parts!

Written by David Doub

Art by Sarah Elkins

Colors by Danielle Alexis

Letters by Joamette Gil

And Coming Soon From Dusk Comics -


Delve into a world full of crime, horror, and murder. Set in a 1900’s enhanced with the machinations of steampunk. Follow the struggles of a group of renowned people as they fight against a hideous evil that threatens their very existence.

Created by Terry Pavlet / Sam Gafford

Covers: Terry Pavlet

Writer : Sam Gafford

Interiors: Rosaria Battiloro

Interplanetary Lizards of the Texas Plains

The original comic book series Interplanetary Lizards of the Texas Plains collected in one volume for the first time.

Texas 1850. A spaceship crashes in the desert changing the course of history, forever.  All manner of creatures were released, the good, the bad and the ugly.  Three of these aliens, lizards, find their way to the home of ex-gunslinger Morris Hoover.  As Doc, Rattler and Tumbleweed evolve to become the best gunslingers the west has ever known, they long for home.  In their search for the ship’s mysterious power source, they discover that another survivor, the evil Tiberious Toad, has plans to find and use this power source to conquer the West.  As the battle begins, the Lizards must summon the courage to defend the West and deliver justice – Texas style!

Authors: Alan Jude Summa, Glenn A. Boyd, Laura F. Summa

Illustrators: Alan Jude Summa, Glenn A. Boyd, Laura F. Summa

Monarch Comics publishes the comic book title Witch Hunter quarterly, combining pulp serials, superheroes, and horror in an all-ages adventure. Single Issues & Trade Paperback Volumes: www.monarchcomics.com, and click on STORE, Digital Issues & Expanded Edition Trade Paperbacks (Print Format & Digital Format):http://comics.drivethrustuff.com/


David Doub is the Publisher and Head Writer for Dusk Comics. Dusk Comics is an Independent Comic Book Publisher out of Denton Texas. David took his love of creating comics into a full blown publishing company to help other creators get their works out. David’s writing style leans to dark complex dramas that explore the messier side of human nature. You can see examples of that in the 2 volumes of Dusk and the noir styling of Mystery Masque. Also currently Dusk Comics is releasing the Malaysian Manga CESAGA. Learn Malaysian mythology in the form of shonen action. You can find out more about David and Dusk at http://www.duskcomics.com.

The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses Takes the Stage at AT&T Performing Arts Tonight


This just in:

The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses, is coming to Dallas in a special outdoor performance at Annette Strauss Square Friday, October 12.
This concert event will take audiences of all ages on a thrilling orchestral adventure through one of the video game industry's most beloved franchises. The show is produced by Jason Michael Paul Productions and Nintendo.

Conducted by Eímear Noone, "The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses" is the first ever video game themed concert to feature a complete 4-movement symphony, arranged by Zelda Symphony music director Chad Seiter (Star Trek, LOST and Fringe), showcasing the enduring and ever-adored work of Nintendo composer and sound director Koji Kondo and his dedicated music team.

Brought to life as never before, witness as 25 years of video game history unfolds complete with a gorgeous and cinematic video presentation, synced to picture with the game's sensational, thematic and action-packed music played live by a full orchestra and choir.

Strauss Square is BYOB.

View list of Permitted Items in Strauss Square

Nintendo and Game Stop promo codes are valid for Center Chairs and Rear Chairs only.

From the AT&T Performing Arts Center

Review: CW’s ARROW

ARROW is a dark moody glob of fun with twists for everyone!

ARROW-TV-Series-Cast-Promo-600x222First things first. If I do not personally like a movie, I will never ever tell you not to go see it. I will tell you what I liked and what I don’t like and leave that decision up to you. My tastes are not the same as yours and vice versa.

I have not read a lot of GREEN ARROW comics, the DC comic that this show is based on, and know enough to pass a test if it’s graded on a curve. That’s still not a lot. I’ve heard that this show will portray Oliver Queen a little darker than the comic books have.

I’m reluctant to watch anything on CW because the usual fare just seems to be teen angst and drama. Most of the shows on this channel are geared towards the younger set of which I am not a member. I’m a man in my forties and like my action mixed with a  little twisted drama. And Arrow does not fail to deliver this for me.

After a violent shipwreck, billionaire playboy Oliver Queen was missing and presumed dead for five years before being discovered alive on a remote island in the Pacific. When he returns home to Starling City, his devoted mother Moira, much-beloved sister Thea, and best friend Tommy welcome him home, but they sense Oliver has been changed by his ordeal on the island. While Oliver hides the truth about the man he's become, he desperately wants to make amends for the actions he took as the boy he was. Most particularly, he seeks reconciliation with his former girlfriend, Laurel Lance. As Oliver reconnects with those closest to him, he secretly creates the persona of Arrow - a vigilante – to right the wrongs of his family, fight the ills of society, and restore Starling City to its former glory. By day, Oliver plays the role of a wealthy, carefree and careless philanderer he used to be - flanked by his devoted chauffeur/bodyguard, John Diggle - while carefully concealing the secret identity he turns to under cover of darkness. However, Laurel's father, Detective Quentin Lance, is determined to arrest the vigilante operating in his city. Meanwhile, Oliver's own mother, Moira, knows much more about the deadly shipwreck than she has let on – and is more ruthless than he could ever imagine.

The series stars Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen, Colin Donnell as Tommy, Katie Cassidy as Laurel Lance, David Ramsey as John Diggle, Willa Holland as Thea Queen, with Susanna Thompson as Moira Queen and Paul Blackthorne as Detective Quentin Lance.

Based on characters appearing in comic books and graphic novels published by DC Comics, ARROW is from Bonanza Productions Inc. in association with Berlanti Productions and Warner Bros. Television, with executive producers Greg Berlanti ("Green Lantern," "Brothers & Sisters"), Marc Guggenheim ("FlashForward," "Eli Stone"), Andrew Kreisberg ("Warehouse 13," "The Vampire Diaries") and David Nutter ("Smallville," "Supernatural," "Game of Thrones"). Melissa Kellner Berman ("Eli Stone," "Dirty Sexy Money") is co-executive producer. The pilot was directed by David Nutter from a teleplay by Andrew Kreisberg & Marc Guggenheim, story by Greg Berlanti & Marc Guggenheim.

Courtesy of www.cwtv.com

***Possible Spoiler Alert***

ARROWRight out of the starting gate, I like Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen. Not just as an actor, but how he portrays Queen. Within the first couple of minutes, you realize that something really jacked up happened to him on this island. And it was bad. I have to admit I really thought the acting was kind of wooden at the start, but then realized that was just the character remaining composed and observant. The flashbacks to his playboy days helped me get to that point.

The other characters of import are Laurel Lance, played by Katie Cassidy, and her father Detective Lance, played by Paul Blackthorne. Some of you may know Paul as Harry Dresden from THE DRESDEN FILES, based on Jim Butcher’s series of novels by the same name. In the comic books, Laurel is full name is Dinah Laurel Lance, hinted about in the show, and she is Black Canary, a superhero with exceptional martial arts skills and a “canary cry” which can shatter objects and incapacitate bad guys. Though she’s just a ordinary average Jo Anne in the show, they may try to develop this later on.

I also like the action scenes. Though they were a little too frantic at times, I really loved the combination of parkour, capoeira, and bow-fu to take down the bad guys. Though this is the DC Comic’s GREEN ARROW, he definitely doesn’t hold back and you’ll find a body count going on. I think this may lead to more viewers who like a little grit in their entertainment. Me? I was raised on the Lone Ranger and original Batman. In the westerns, the bad guys were usually shot in the hand and when you ran out of bullets, you threw your guns at each other! I like the grit, but it would not be a killer (no pun) if they had him just knocking out people.

One last item that will bring me back for the next episode is the reveal at the end. Not only did Daddy have secrets, but it seems others do, too. As I said, I like twists in my shows, and it’s a doozy. It’s hinted at in the blurb above and I wish they had left it out or only hinted at it and it would have made the end even better!

Now, I do have some problems with it. There not big ones but problems none the less. Mainly, there is the problem with his bodyguard. Without revealing too much of the story, after a failed kid-napping, Ollie has a body guard, named John Diggle and played by David Ramsey, assigned to him by his mother. He ditches him, not once but twice. We never hear anything else about it. Did Diggs ever report him and even if he didn’t why isn’t there some sort of confrontation with Ollie about it?

CW Arrow One Hour Series PromoOliver has a lot of money. That means he can purchase pretty much anything he wants. On the consumer market. He’s also smart. He’s a pretty tech-savvy guy. But, when he goes to set up shop, he’s bringing in what looks like military-spec gear. Especially, his weapons. He may have designed them, but he didn’t build them in his lair. So, who or what is getting him his goods? A contact? From where? Black market? From who?

The next few episodes will introduce two new characters. One has already been hinted at on the island. In the flashbacks to when Oliver gets picked up, you’ll see a mask. This belongs to the character Deathstroke. We will also meet Deadshot and China White in future episodes. Did anyone catch the nickname he gave his little sister? Google it. Or ask nicely.

In summary, I really liked the pilot. It’s got action, it’s got drama, it’s got high tech gadgetry, so I’ll be watching it for at least the next couple of episodes. Though there is a love interest, it wasn’t too much for me to handle, though that may change in a few episodes. I look forward to seeing what the CW has in store for us.

The CW: Arrow

DC Wiki: Green Arrow

DC Wiki: Black Canary

Review by Starman at My Geeky Geeky Ways – check this out for a more detailed review.

October 11, 2012

Simon® GamePlay Tour 2012 at Grapevine Mills

Simon Gameplay Tour 2012 Grapevine Mills MallOctober 13th and 14th at Grapevine Mills there will be an opportunity for gamers to try out some of the latest games before they hit the stores. Check out the links below for more info.






Head over to Grapevine Mills, October 13&14 for the Gameplay tour and test your skills with "NBA Baller Beats," the new Kinect game for Xbox 360! Play with a real basketball, develop real skills, and dribble to the beat of popular chart-topping music!”~Facebook


Grapevine Mills Mall Events – Simon® Gameplay Tour 2012

Simon® GamePlay Tour 2012 on Facebook

North Texas Book & Paper Show

old_booksThis Saturday and Sunday you can head over to the Grapevine Convention Center and immerse yourself in all things paper and books. From used , rare and collectible books to ephemera, autographs, photographs, maps, prints, postcards, and so much more, there will be something for everybody. The show is produced by the Texas Booksellers Association and sponsored by Heritage Auctions. Admission is $5 with kids under 12 free. Have fun and be sure to let me know what you found. If I get to go, I’ll post pictures, too.

North Texas Book & Paper Show

Texas Booksellers Association

Heritage Auctions

October 10, 2012

Roll2Play Presents Book Box Games Workshop

Book Box Games Brian Bird Roll2Play

Tiffany and the crew from Roll2Play in Coppell are at it again with another wonderful in-store event. This time we’re building our own games! Workshop presenter Brian Bird will be challenging participants to build their own games from just a book cover, some random game pieces and their imagination. $15 covers the materials. Check out the event description by clicking on the picture! Oh, and come back here to show off your new games. You might event get some players!

October 8, 2012

Backlot Film Series to Screen GHOSTBUSTERS


The Backlot Film Series will be screening GHOSTBUSTERS on the side of the building this Thursday night, October 11th. They did it last year and then took a hiatus, probably due to the heat, but they are back. It is in Fort Worth, so if you live in Dallas, it’s gonna be a drive. Check the links below to get more info!


Backlot Film Series is back! by Red Productions

Backlot Film Series on Facebook

Lewisville Science Fiction Book Club Meets October 12th

Though I haven’t had a chance to visit the group in a long time, I still love getting updates from them and keeping up with what books they are reading. This Friday will be meeting time again. The Lewisville Science Fiction Book Club will be discussing THE DOOMSDAY VAULT by Stephen Harper. The group always meets in the back room of the IHOP (International House of Pancakes) at I-35 and Round Grove Road.

(Affiliate Link)

2345 South Stemmons Freeway
Lewisville, TX 75067
(972) 459-1751

October 4, 2012

Thank You to Donors of the DFW Brain Tumor Walk!

P1000490This last weekend was the DFW Brain Tumor Walk and we survived it! In addition to walking a 5k, we personally raised $2055. That was added to the kitty for a grand total of over $185,000. The organization is helping to raise awareness and money for cures. It’s a sad note that with over 688,000 people fighting this disease, there have only been four FDA approved drugs in the last thirty years.

I just wanted to personally thank all of those that have donated time and money to this event. My wife is putting up a good fight and I walk so that she may one day be able to quit fighting and live her life again!

Thank you.

National Brain Tumor Society

Dallas/Fort Worth Brain Tumor Walk

Toy & Comic Book Collectors In For a Treat This Weekend

Spider-Man_id_5084734972_CC_BY_mikecs83_19986455@N00The weekend of October 6th and 7th seems to be shaping up to be a good one for collectors of all types. The North Texas Comic Book Show  will be celebrating it’s first anniversary on October 6th in Arlington, Texas. Offering a reliable schedule – they don’t cancel shows – and affordable pricing for vendors as well as the collectors, the Show bills itself as “the supplement to the comic cons!” Sketch card artist Jason Adams and Hector Rodriguez, creator of El Peso Hero, will be in attendance.

Also, on October 6th in Carrollton, Texas, you can find the DFW G.I. Joe and Action Figure Show going on at the First Christian Church of Carrollton. This is the first official show of the local chapter of DFW G.I. Joe Collectors Club and the admission is totally free!

To round out your weekend head over to the Radisson Hotel at Fossil Creek on Sunday, October 7th, and hit the JMV Toy Collectors Show. Buy, sell, or trade pretty much any type of toy or action figure you can think of. These shows are usually done on a quarterly basis in a lot of different locations, so you don’t have to worry if you miss one, another is right around the corner.

October 1, 2012

Star Wars Reads Day October 6th, 2012

Star Wars Reads Day LogoLucasfilm and it’s publishing partners have declared October 6th as a national Star Wars Reads Day! Thousands of schools, libraries and bookstores across the country will be entertaining kids with games, crafts, food, and giveaways plus tons of authors and costumed characters from the 501st to the R2 Builders Club! There is a link to the press release on the Star Wars website and another link that gives you a map to all the events. Just plug in your zip code and you’re on your way.

The day before, October 5th, GoodReads will host a Star Wars Reads Group where you can ask authors questions about the Star Wars Universe and writing in general. Follow the link below to join the group.

Star Wars Reads Day Press Release

StarWars.com News (Look up events here)

Star Wars Reads Panel at GoodReads

Star Wars Reads on Facebook