October 12, 2012

Dusk Comics Releases Witch Hunter, Volume 2

From Dusk Comics Press Release:

Dusk Comics will be releasing the second volume 2 of collect works of Monarch Comic's hit book, Witch Hunter.

"In Witch Hunter, Vol. 1, Jon Redmont was burned at the stake in 1692 and resurrected in modern times as Witch Hunter to battle an evil cult known as The Scarlet Circle, formed of the Earth's forgotten elder races and led by his old inquisitors. In Vol. 2, Witch Hunter learns that while The Scarlet Circle is intent on deposing humanity from the world's throne, it disagrees on the hour of humanity's downfall or who should lead them. Even worse, he is told by members of its inner circle that his opposition to them is in some way furthering their agenda and that he has been a part of their plans from the very beginning. Facing down the likes of Kirbbus, leader of the Dark Elves, Hespyx, Queen of Dragons, Maham, Dame of the Old Guard, and teaming up with the surreal hero, The Expressionist, Witch Hunter continues to oppose the darkness without being darkened by it as the boundaries of The Scarlet Circle tighten around him!"

You can also find the book at online retailers like -Barnes And Noble and Amazon .

MONARCH COMICS BOOTH 913 AT NY COMIC CON (OCT. 11-14, 2012) Free Witch Hunter Sketches on Sat., 10/13, and Free Witch Hunter Comics on Sunday, 10/14, to first 10 fans on each day who mention seeing this announcement.  Dusk Comics will be on hand with Monarch at their booth to celebrate the release of this new comic.

Also New from Dusk Comics -

The Trials and Tribulations of Miss Tilney

"Cub Reporter Henrietta Tilney is sent on her first assignment, to interview accused mass murderer Lord Beowulf Harwood. But young Henrietta quickly finds out there is much more to this story and its subject Lord Harwood. Will this plucky young reporter get her story and survive with her life intact?"   A Penny Dreadful in three parts!

Written by David Doub

Art by Sarah Elkins

Colors by Danielle Alexis

Letters by Joamette Gil

And Coming Soon From Dusk Comics -


Delve into a world full of crime, horror, and murder. Set in a 1900’s enhanced with the machinations of steampunk. Follow the struggles of a group of renowned people as they fight against a hideous evil that threatens their very existence.

Created by Terry Pavlet / Sam Gafford

Covers: Terry Pavlet

Writer : Sam Gafford

Interiors: Rosaria Battiloro

Interplanetary Lizards of the Texas Plains

The original comic book series Interplanetary Lizards of the Texas Plains collected in one volume for the first time.

Texas 1850. A spaceship crashes in the desert changing the course of history, forever.  All manner of creatures were released, the good, the bad and the ugly.  Three of these aliens, lizards, find their way to the home of ex-gunslinger Morris Hoover.  As Doc, Rattler and Tumbleweed evolve to become the best gunslingers the west has ever known, they long for home.  In their search for the ship’s mysterious power source, they discover that another survivor, the evil Tiberious Toad, has plans to find and use this power source to conquer the West.  As the battle begins, the Lizards must summon the courage to defend the West and deliver justice – Texas style!

Authors: Alan Jude Summa, Glenn A. Boyd, Laura F. Summa

Illustrators: Alan Jude Summa, Glenn A. Boyd, Laura F. Summa

Monarch Comics publishes the comic book title Witch Hunter quarterly, combining pulp serials, superheroes, and horror in an all-ages adventure. Single Issues & Trade Paperback Volumes: www.monarchcomics.com, and click on STORE, Digital Issues & Expanded Edition Trade Paperbacks (Print Format & Digital Format):http://comics.drivethrustuff.com/


David Doub is the Publisher and Head Writer for Dusk Comics. Dusk Comics is an Independent Comic Book Publisher out of Denton Texas. David took his love of creating comics into a full blown publishing company to help other creators get their works out. David’s writing style leans to dark complex dramas that explore the messier side of human nature. You can see examples of that in the 2 volumes of Dusk and the noir styling of Mystery Masque. Also currently Dusk Comics is releasing the Malaysian Manga CESAGA. Learn Malaysian mythology in the form of shonen action. You can find out more about David and Dusk at http://www.duskcomics.com.

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