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 A Galaxy Called Dallas - A History

The Blog

It all started in March of 2009 with no job and time to kill. In between looking for work and being the stay-at-home husband, I had the wild idea that I could make money with a blog. I found out real quick that there would be no money, but I did rekindle my passion for all things geeky.

The blog concentrated on artists, authors and other creatives and events in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. I could be a little flighty at times with staying on topic, but I was proud of it. During this time I celebrated the birth of my daughter, the diagnosis of my wife's brain cancer and the eventual loss of my wife. During this time, the blog was my safe harbor. Which eventually lead to . . . 

The Store

In June of 2014, we began work on a brick and mortar comic shop in Garland, Texas. With close friends by our sides, we had a soft-opening on August 13 and then a grand opening on September 13, 2014. For just under five years, we built a community around comics, books and collectibles. We also provided a place for other geeks by hosting a day for Boy Scouts to learn about comic collecting, two events talking of space subjects in the news, and other assorted events with the 501st and the DFW Ghostbusters. We've even had the likes of Donny Cates in the shop. We officially shut our doors on February 24, 2019. Though we had our difficulties, I will always consider our shop a success. This closing then brought us to this . . . 

The Blog 2.0

A Galaxy Called Dallas lives on doing what it did over ten years ago. You will find interviews and reviews of geeky people, places and products around the Dallas-Ft. Worth area and beyond. And as always, attempting to build community for everyone to enjoy!

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