August 8, 2015

Battle for Zendikar Pre-orders: Time is Nye

We are still taking orders for the Battle for Zendikar release. Orders are due no later that August 14 at 8pm. We are offering booster boxes for $100 on pre-order only so come secure your box of Battle for Zendikar now.

This will be one of two sets in this block which is a new philosophy that Wizards of the Coast is trying out now. 274 cards in the set, Battle for Zendikar will hit streets October 2 with pre-release events on September 26.


More info can be found here: Wizards of the Coast – Magic the Gathering

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August 4, 2015

Pre-Order for Battle for Zendikar

We are still taking pre-orders for Battle For Zendikar. Deadline is Aug. 14th so that we can place our orders on Aug. 15th. Call or email for special pricing.

Battle for Zendikar

More info can be found at this link: Battle for Zendikar Information