April 24, 2013

Movie Review: OBLIVION

Oblivion Cover Photo FacebookMy reviews are my own opinions and are merely posted as my own thoughts to the likeability of the movie. I will never tell you that you SHOULD or SHOULDN’T see a movie. You have to judge for yourself. What follows is what I liked or disliked about OBLIVION.

When I first saw the trailer for this movie, I thought to myself, “finally an original thought in Hollywood.” That didn’t take too long to end. But more on that in a minute.

The visuals were stunning, the story was intriguing, and I wanted to see what would become of it. It seems that we’ve had nothing but vampires, zombies, wizards, and super heroes for so long, that I’d forgotten what a good science fiction movie looked like. The fact that it had Tom Cruise in it did not deter me from wanting to see it. His private life, quirks and all, are just that, his private life. He’s a good actor. Give him a screen and let him play.

The length of the movie seemed to be a little long, but it only clocks in at two hours and four minutes. I think that what lends to the time perception is the long lead into the meat of the movie. It takes a while to set up, but that’s a good thing. During this set up period, there is a lot to look at and digest and there is some action to make it not boring. My movie partner, on the other hand, thought that it was slow in the beginning.

Once it gets going, it’s pretty much a fun movie. Some folks have said that there are too many sci-fi movie clichés, and yes, you can point out some, but you’re going to get that with any movie you see. It does not detract from the overall movie.


The soundtrack for this movie was amazing. Very 70’s and 80’s sci-fi. The rock band M83 put it together and should get some award nods on it. It truly reminded me of old sci-fi movies I had seen as a kid, which just reinforced my enjoyment of the movie. It really helped to set the scene and the mood when coupled with the powerful visuals.

As for this being original, it seems that the graphic novel it was based on was an unpublished one that producer, director, and co-writer Joseph Kosinski had in the works about eight years ago. Thanks to a writer’s strike and the movie rights getting snapped up, it never got finished. Read the details of OBLIVION, the graphic novel, according to Bleeding Cool.

All in all, this was a good movie. There are a few little details that leave questions, but it doesn’t ruin the movie. I’d give it a three and a half or four out of five. Check it out and enjoy.

If you’ve seen it and didn’t like it, tell me why! If you saw it and loved it, what was your favorite part or parts?


Star Trek II Wrath of Khan Movie PosterKhan Noonien Singh and Admiral Kirk mix it up again on the big screen! Texas Theatre will be running this movie from Friday May 10, 2013 to Sunday May 12, 2013. You can check ticket times for WRATH OF KHAN at Texas Theatre here.

Dallas Comic Con 2013

Dallas Comic Con Captain America Banner

It’s almost here! Dallas Comic Con! If you don’t get your tickets before April 25, 2013 they will be a few dollars more. Get them now and then get your autograph tickets for Nathan Fillion , William Shatner, or Richard Dean Anderson. For all you comic book fans, John Romita Jr. has been added to the line up and Arthur Suydam, The Zombie King, will be doing free sketches for all fans 16 and under accompanied by an adult Sunday 11:00 AM until close.

This is shaping up to be very big. If you haven’t seen the entire Dallas Comic Con guest list yet, check it out. There will also be a ton of local favorites to be seen and that’s what I love about these conventions; meeting all of my favorite local artists, authors, cosplayers, vendors, fan clubs, and on and on. Keep an eye out for updates as we get closer and highlights when it’s all over!

Are you going? Dressing up? As what? Tell us your favorite part of the Dallas Comic Con!

Dallas Comic Con 2013 Information

Dallas Comic Con 2010 Photo Set – It would seem that I haven’t been in a while.

April 22, 2013

Tyler Mane Brings COMPOUND FRACTURE to Dallas

You may recognize Tyler Mane as Sabretooth from X-MEN or as King Ajax from TROY or even as Michael Myers from HALLOWEEN. No matter how you recognize him, you’ll want to check these opportunities to meet him and see his new supernatural thriller, COMPOUND FRACTURE.

COMPOUND FRACTURE is a bone-chilling, independent, supernatural horror movie that brings together 3 iconic killers on the big screenDiscover how this movie will take you deeper than the normal horror-thriller fare into a world of family secrets, obsession and dementia. Just when it seems you might escape the mad house, you find that it’s the only thing keeping you alive. Watch as the family that was shattered needs to come together when faced with complete and utter extinction.

With consistently great reviews for the performances given by Tyler Mane (Rob Zombie's HALLOWEEN and HALLOWEEN II, X-MEN), Muse Watson (Ben Willis in I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER, NCIS), Derek Mears (Jason in FRIDAY THE 13th, HANSEL & GRETEL: WITCH HUNTERS) and Leslie Easterbrook (THE DEVIL'S REJECTS, Rob Zombie’s HALLOWEEN) this film will steal your heart and then take your breath away. Secrets are revealed and the father’s sins are always visited upon the son. This time in blood. Daniel Roebuck, Todd Farmer and Renae Geerlings (who co-wrote) are also in the cast.

With a cast like that, you can’t go wrong. Of course, I think I geek out more because it’s got Muse Watson who played Jethro Gibbs’ boss, Mike Franks, in NCIS. Great character and great company with the rest of the line up.

There are different types of ticket packages. You can just go to the movie, or you can go to a double feature with COMPOUND FRACTURE followed up with Rob Zombie’s HALLOWEEN and get a pre-show meet and greet with Tylor Mane and writer/co-star Renae Geerlings. There is also a collectible wrist band, post-show question and answer, and prize drawings. You could win Tyler’s jumpsuit that he wore as Michael Myers in HALLOWEEN or you could even be Tyler Mane’s next victim in a movie. Get your tickets at this link: COMPOUND FRACTURE movie tickets at the Texas Theatre.

Texas Theatre


Thursday, May 2, 2013 from 6:30 PM to 10:30 PM

Tyler Mane Visits Zeus Comics Wednesday May 1, 2013

Tyler Mane ActorTyler Mane is in town promoting his new movie, COMPOUND FRACTURE and has decided that he’ll stop by Zeus Comics to meet his fans. Times have not been announced yet, so follow Zeus however you can to find out exactly when. Bring your online ticket receipt to the movie and Tyler will sign a photo or item of your choice for free!

See this post to find out why Tyler Mane is in Dallas!

Awesome Toy Collector Show April 28, 2013

raydeenCome on out to the Doubletree Hotel in Richardson to wade through the aisles and find that toy that you’ve been waxing nostalgic over since you were eight. You know the one. You used it to maintain control over your legions of army men, all the while striking fear and longing in the hearts of your friends. It was a miracle that it never put your eye out. But, it’s different now. You’re an adult. And you have money in your pocket. There it is. You see it? Go get it. Bring back the good ole days. And the fear (and wanting) in the hearts of your friends.

Doors will open up at 11:00AM and close at 5:00PM with admission at a mere two dollars. For $5 you can get in an hour earlier and scout out the good stuff. Drawing throughout the day can net you a $25 shopping spree, but you got to be there to win it. Come buy, sell, or trade vintage to modern toys of all sorts. Rebuild that childhood collection!

As you can see, my favorite was Raydeen of the Shogun Warriors! What was yours?

Sunday April 28,2013
Doubletree Hotel - Dallas / Richardson
1981 Central Expressway
Richardson,Texas 75080
(US Hwy 75 @ Campbell Exit #26)

11AM-5PM Admission $2 ($5 to get in an hour early)

April 19, 2013

Fathom Events Presents STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION’S “The Best of Both Worlds”

Fathom Events and CBS Home Entertainment have put together another event celebrating Star Trek: The Next Generation with a one night only showing of THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS, Thursday, April 25, 2013. This two-part episode was the season three finale and season four premiere, but has been seamlessly tied together and digitally restored with some new CGI effects. You will also be treated to special clips of “Regeneration: Engaging the Borg.” This documentary takes a look behind the camera at the filming of this episode.

Star Trek: The Next Generation was the longest series in the franchise created by Gene Roddenberry.

Fathom Events: Star Trek: The Next Generation – The Best of Both Worlds

April 16, 2013

ReaperCon 2013 Just Days Away


April 18-21, 2013: Four days of fun for miniature nuts can be had for a measly $30. Swag bags, painting classes, and gaming! I didn’t make it last year but the prior two years were fun, and I’m not into painting my own. They will also hold costume contests, in addition to painting contests.

Reapercon 2009 photos

Reapercon 2010 photos

Another North Texas Comic Book Show in the Books

P1010714I have to admit, I’m beginning to enjoy these little shows. They are affordable, comfortable, and you still get to meet a pretty well-known “celebrity.” At previous shows, we were treated to the likes of Sam del la Rosa and Lou Ferrigno. This show we were treated to being seated between Carlo Barberi and Victor Gischler. If you are a Deadpool fan, then you know these guys and so it was like we had the best seats in the house.

Thomas Branch and Todd Boddy got to meet some of the guests as well as make new fans. One addition to our table was Andrew Purdum of www.modernreformers.com. He was promoting his works of short fiction and also soaking up the good time.

Did any of you get to attend and if so, pictures?

More Pictures of the Show on Facebook

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April 12, 2013

FAHRENHEIT 451 in 35MM at the Texas Theatre

Fahrenheit 451 Movie PosterThe Texas Theatre and D Magazine will be joining together to bring the classic 1966 scifi movie FAHRENHEIT 451 to audiences for one afternoon only. The movie will be shown at 4PM on Sunday, April 14, 2013. The movie is based on the 1951 book by Ray Bradbury with the movie directed by François Truffaut and starring Julie Christie and Oskar Werner.

FAHRENHEIT 451 is probably one of my favorite books of all time and I will occasionally re-read it. In fact, I’m probably due for one now. I always liked to think that if we lived in a society where books were burned and there was an underground culture where a person was tasked with memorizing a book, what would I want to memorize?

That’s a good question. If you had to memorize one book, and that was the only book that you could remember and pass on to others, what would it be? I’ll get back to you on what mine is.

Galacticon Twitter Party

Edward James Olmos Dallas Comic Con August 2010 Galaxy Called DallasThe local chapter of the Battlestar Galactica Fan Club will be gearing up for next month’s big Galacticon III by hosting a Twitter Party online Wednesday, April 17, 2013 at 8pm central time. Galacticon III is the big 35th anniversary of the original series and 10th anniversary of the new series to be run as a side party to Comicpalooza in Houston this year.

All you have to do is sign on to Twitter, or sign up for an account, if you don’t have one, and follow the hashtag #galacticon3. If you’re new to Twitter, you have plenty of time to figure it out, as the folks that have put this together provide links about setting up and using Twitter.

In addition to all the great news, there will also be prize giveaways, so join in and have fun!

Galacticon III


Battlestar Galactica Fanclub

Question: Are you a member of a fanclub, and not just this one, any one? Why or why not?

April 11, 2013

Lewisville Science Fiction Book Club Discusses

Eric Brown’s THE DEVIL’S NEBULA will be the topic of discussion Friday April 12, 2013 at 7:30pm in the Lewisville IHOP located at I-35 and Round Grove Road. Whether you’ve read the book, only skimmed it, read the back cover and thought it interesting, or just want to see what the group is about, head out to meet the gang.

I will have to admit that I have not read any of Mr. Brown’s works but am familiar with the names. This novel deals with human colonization, ancient alien evils, and lost worlds. Sounds like it might be fun? Have you read it?


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April 7, 2013

Neil Gaiman To Stop By Dallas On His Last North American Tour

I can’t seem to find an answer to why this is Neil Gaiman’s last tour but I have a feeling it has to do with how busy the man has been. Yes, Dallas has been one of the lucky city to be listed as a tour stop and I have got my ticket!  Follow the links below and you’ll have everything you need.

AMERICAN GODS was my first introduction to Neil, which in turn, led me to his joint effort with Terry Pratchett, GOOD OMENS. GOOD OMENS is probably my favorite to date, but we’ll have to see after I read this one.

What would be your favorite Neil Gaiman book? Any of his items fall flat? Do tell.

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***UPDATE 4/19/13*** Forgot to put in here that he will be at the Majestic Theater 7:00PM on Monday, June 24, 2013. Purchase of ticket(s) includes a copy of the the book THE OCEAN AT THE END OF THE LANE.

Neil Gaiman – Ocean At The End of the Lane US Tour Dates

Dallas Museum of Art – Neil Gaiman Tickets


Past Postings on Neil:

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Happy New Year Citizens of the Galaxy Called Dallas

April 4, 2013

North Texas Comic Book Show April 13, 2013

Click on the photo to find out more info about these great shows. I’ll have a table there with two of my friends, Tom Branch and Todd Boddy. Be sure and check out Tom’s incredible art work and the amazing sci-fi tale, EXIT in the BLUE MOON CHRONICLES series, from Todd.

North Texas Comic Book Show April 13 2013