July 31, 2009

Area-51’s Big Birthday Bash

Area-51 will be celebrating a year of bringing games, comics, rpgs and miniatures to the Grapevine area. Come join them in a day filled with specials and Brian Denham in the house signing stuff. Be sure and congratulate him on picking “Angel” as his next gig. Looking forward to that. Place opens at 10:00am with cake around noon with different games throughout the day and a good ole’ swap meet to find some of those hard-to-find items. Check out the site for the schedule and game times. I know that they will be playing D&D but I’m not sure if you can just drop in on those. Munchkin and AT-43 are open play, so if you haven’t tried them, this is your chance. I’m pretty sure that if you ask nicely, Erin might show you how to play Epic. Look forward to seeing everyone there and smile, I’ll be taking pictures.

July 30, 2009

Did you go? TwiCon Sold Out!

So, I was perusing some of the local websites and found one that listed the convention as sold out. I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around this. The convention, just to walk through the doors, is $255 per person. The hotel room is cheaper at $139. Then once you get in, photo ops are $40 per person and as high as $60. And those spots are limited to about 65 people. Am I just aghast at the money involved because I’m not that big a fan or is it really that ludicrous. Now, I’ve spent money before on things like autographed photos and it was hard to watch that $20 bill go bye-bye, but I only paid $15 to get in to the place. If I had paid $255, they better be throwing autographs at me. Let me hear what you think!

Twilight Convention in Dallas – TwiCon 2009

This is an unofficial Twilight convention, but it does seem to have some pull to it. Of course, I think they can pull in the actors because it cost $255 to get in to this thing. Fortunately for them, there are die hard fans out there that will pay this price, thus giving the promoters incentive to keep doing it.

Why does it cost $255?

TwiCon 2009 is the first US conference of this size for fans of Stephenie Meyer, but it's not the first of its kind.  Many hours of research and number crunching went into determining the cost of admission into TwiCon 2009.  We looked at other conventions and used the experience of our managing team to determine costs.  There are rental fees for space and equipment, speaker fees and travel accommodations for special guests, staffing fees, insurance, credit card processing fees, website maintenance, food and a number of other costs that must be covered.  We have kept the cost as low as possible while still ensuring a quality event. 


From the website FAQ

And I thought $20 was a lot to ask, but I’ll never complain again.

Have you seen prices like this before? If you are a fan, would you pay this price? And if you did, show me your photos!


TwiCon 2009
July 30-August 2, 2009

Sheraton Dallas Hotel
400 North Olive Street
Dallas, TX 75201
(214) 922-8000

July 27, 2009

‘Star Wars in Concert’

Though no dates have been announced for the Dallas area, Tulsa and Oklahoma City have already been put on the menu. Keep an eye out here for the updates as soon as I receive them. For those that haven’t heard, this will be a multi-media event with John Williams’ score being synchronized to movie footage. Anthony Daniels will be narrating the two plus hours of audio-visual heaven. Behind the orchestra will be a three-story-high HD screen and there will also be a huge exhibit of movie props and costumes. So far prices look to be $45 to 125, but we’ll see when they start to go on sale August 1st and 2nd. If any of you come across information before I do, please forward it to me.



Star Wars In Concert

July 26, 2009

Comic-Con Costumes

Leisure Fett and Darth Pimp are not the only ones to be spotted at the the San Diego Comic Con this weekend. Check out the link here at Mania.

July 24, 2009

FanBoys and the 501st at MovieGeekFeed bash

So, I just got back from the MovieGeekFeed birthday event where we watched Star Wars: Phantom Menace and Fanboys. Some vendors were already set up when I got there and so I got to browse some really cool stuff. Thankfully, they will all be at the swap meet this Saturday and Sunday. I should have some allowance by then . . . if my wife let’s me have any. The 501st showed about 6:30 with Lord Vader and his Imperial Guard (it was all I could do to not yell “don’t taze me ‘bro”), sand troopers, scout troopers, and some that I didn’t recognize in attendance. It was a great sight and got me geared up for the movie.

DSC01612 DSC01626

I got my soda and sat down and the crawl began. The music and the crawl always gave me goose bumps and it still does to this day. The grandeur and the scope of these movies will always keep me watching. And then Jar Jar showed up. I had forgotten how much I loathed Jar Jar. The whole high-pitched hodge-podge that he spoke was unbearable until the wooden whiney acting of young Anikan came along. By the way, they had an “Anakin Skywalker Whine Off” at the beginning of the evening. Anyway, the great special effects and fight choreography kept me sane.

As many times as I’ve seen this movie I will never get over the climatic fight between Qui-Gon Jin and Darth Maul. The music makes the scene. I think the title is called “Dual of Fates” and it’s that music that makes the death of Qui-gon tear me up every time I see it. You’ve got to hand it to Ray Park, he makes Maul one bad dude.



There were more photos before Fanboys came on, so I took a few more and got me another soda and grabbed a seat. I had never seen this movie but I had heard that it was funny so I was anxious to watch it. I was not disappointed. I knew these same characters when I was a kid and we had the same discussions and same arguments. The cameos by Carrie Fisher, Billy Dee Williams, William Shatner, Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes were awesome, but the best for me was Ray Park as the security guard (THX-1138 outfit) telling Windows, “Time for you to get mauled, boy.”

All in all, I had a great time and look forward to seeing a few of the folks on Saturday and Sunday. If you came to the show, let me know how you enjoyed it and if you got any photos, send me a link. Here are mine.

July 23, 2009

APOTAC Comic, Toy & Collectible Swap Meet

APOTAC's Comic, Toy, & Collectibles Swap Meet 6 will be held this Saturday and Sunday July 25-26 at the Crown Plaza North Dallas. It’s the same place that All-Con was held earlier this year. Check out this link for further details. What’s really great is that they don’t charge an arm and a leg to get in which leave more money in your pocket for spending on other things inside! Only two dollars and you can cut that in half by going to participating stores and get a half-off coupon. Those stores are listed here. See you there.

MovieGeekFeed celebrates one year!

MGF will be celebrating in style tonight in Grand Prairie with the ultimate Star Wars fan tribute film – Fanboys! Also, showing will be Phantom Menace which explains one of the contests. Start practicing now for the “Anakin Skywalker Whine-off.” Members of the 501st Legion will be there so that you can get your picture taken and everyone is encouraged to where their best get-up. You might just win a prize in the costume contest!

Web series takes on the world of Professional DnD

I read a blog called “Key Our Cars” (as in, “What’s the DM gonna do next, key our cars?”) and came across this little video. I swear that I’ve played with these guys throughout my game life and even though we weren’t playing for money, they were still just as intense. Do you play with people like this? Are you one of these guys? And, should there be a league like this or is there already?

Official Tim Burton Gallery

The Official Tim Burton Gallery is now open at TimBurton.com. I came across this several weeks back but the link wasn’t operational yet. Just got the email yesterday and the site is great. You can log in to get more details and access another page of drawings. The book will be available this fall.

July 22, 2009

Magic the Gathering 2010 restock at Area 51 Friday July 21st

News from the wire last night (or at least from Area 51), saying that the release of Magic 2010 was success since the product has sold out. It’s officially out of print until August 14, but . . . the folks at A51 have gotten a little something for those folks needing more. Prices will be a little higher due to the string pulling to get this stuff, but the booster pack prices will remain the same. According to A51, their stock should arrive about 1pm on Friday. Get it while you can!

July 21, 2009

Comic-Con fashion by Seth Green

Seth Green has been to Comic-Con for the last fourteen years so I think that it’s safe to say that he knows a little something about what to wear if you really have to be in costume. Here’s an idea. Send me your worst costume photos. I don’t mean costumes that were just bad ideas. I want the photos of people that just should not have walked out of the house dressed like that. I’ll post the best or maybe even all of them.

Guest Editor Seth Green: A wear-it-if-you-dare guide to Comic-Con costumes

dsc_3658 dsc_3592 dsc_3887

Review: 'Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince'

The wife and I decided to go to the very first matinee on Sunday thinking that we would beat the crowds. Boy, were we in for a surprise. The Cinemark Vista Ridge 15 had their first show at 10:05 that morning for only five dollars and a lot of people knew about it. Fortunately, we always arrive with plenty of time to spare and were able to get drinks and find seats. I knew we were going to have a great time when the couple with the two young boys wedged themselves in behind us and Dad promptly showered the back of my neck with popcorn. At least it wasn’t the drink in the other hand, but hey, the movie hadn’t started yet and there was plenty of time. About two hours and forty-five minutes to be exact.

I’d heard from the beginning about how you’ll never get everything from the book into the movie. I don’t expect that to happen. As long as I’m not sitting after watching a scene and wondering what the heck just happened then I’m pretty sure they did a good job. Well, in this movie they did a great job! With the addition of two scenes blessed by J.K. Rowling and the repositioning of a scene or two, the movie moved along at a nice pace allowing everything to soak in to my brain. It’s been awhile since I had last read the book and so there were parts that I couldn’t remember. My wife said that it was a little slow, but I think that the reason it seemed that way is because the book was more plot-driven. If it weren’t for the addition of a new scene there would be very little action. With a story like this, though, I didn’t require the action to move it along. Seeing the kids growing up and the romances blooming between them made me feel as if they were my own children and I almost got a little misty-eyed thinking about it. The one thing that I thought would tear me up was the death of Dumbledore, but the scene came across as a little anti-climatic. I cried for an hour just reading it in the book.

All in all, I loved the movie and will probably watch it again. Some of the shining moments were Ron’s quidditch match, Lavender’s fawning over him, and Professor Slughorn’s facial expressions in certain scenes. I don’t know if I would rank it as the best of them all, but I do not think that it fell short in any way.

Have you seen it yet? What did you think? Let me know.

July 18, 2009

'Sherlock Holmes' Trailer 2

I am so looking forward to this movie. I am very happy to see that Robert Downey Jr. is back in full form as he was in the 80's and look to every project that he does. One of his missed out on performances was in the movie 'A Scanner Darkly'. Another movie based on a Philip K. Dick story. I actually found the movie to be quite good and liked the style that they filmed it in. If you haven't seen the movie, I suggest you give it a shot.

'G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra' movie trailer

The latest video from 'G.I.Joe: The Rise of Cobra' which arrives in theaters August 7th.

‘Prince of Persia’ - Photos of Jake Gyllenhaal

A little something for the ladies! Latest photos of Jake Gyllenhaal as Prince Dastan. He’s stated that he is tired of taking himself seriously and is using Jerry Bruckheimer’s  Prince of Persia: Sands of Time as the means to the end. The movie is set for a May 28, 2010 premiere. Filming should start sometime this month in Morocco.

The movie is based upon the video game and will entail Prince Dastan teaming up with a Persian princess named Tamina. Tamina will be played by Gemma Arterton, who played Strawberry Fields in Quantum of Solace and will also appear in Clash of the Titans. Together they mush prevent a madman from getting the Sands of Time and ruling the world.

If you click on the title of the film above, you’ll see more photos and video from the filming of the movie. Enjoy.

prince-of-persia-gyllenhaal 390e77f34957a43d_large  persia_20090308_jake_prince_of_persia2

July 17, 2009

Trying new things

You may notice a lot of changes as of late with the website. I really like the 3 column look but something was missing and so my Google Analytics page was not keeping track properly. I think that I may get back to basics and maybe weed out some of the things that clutter the page. If you are a regular visitor, I would love your input as to what you like about the page and what you would like to see disappear. I can't say that I will follow everyone's suggestions but I will listen. So, please, take a look around and let me know what you think. Thanks in advance.

July 15, 2009

We Choose the Moon

This is an amazing website that was posted by Sci Fi Wire. Put together by the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the moon landing, this website is a real-time recreation of the entire mission. The background noise you hear is the actual noises recorded the day of the launch. You can look at photos and watch videos to immerse yourself even further in the history that was truly a one of a kind event for humanity. I wouldn’t be born for another three weeks but as I got older, I watched the later launches and it’s what influenced my hobbies and interests. Check out the site and relive the history!

Apollo 11-thumb-550x208-20759

Black Lantern Power Ring at Boomerang Comics

That’s right, you heard it! Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corp are in it up to there necks with two releases this week. Blackest Night #1 and Blackest Night Tales of Corp #1 release today and with a purchase you can get said Power Ring while supplies last at Boomerang Comics. I know I’m getting mine. Send me photos of you wearing yours and I’ll post them here!

Black Lantern Power Ring

July 14, 2009

Josh Howard at Comic Con in San Diego

DSC01602He’s off and running folks. Wish I could afford to go, but I’ll enjoy the convention vicariously by following Josh on Twitter. You can also keep up here on his MySpace page. Here is a photo I took of him, so you’ll be able to recognize him.


“Space Wolves” released by Games Workshop

Space Wolf Grey Hunter

The Space Wolves were one of the first Space Marine Chapters founded by the Emperor; fierce and barbaric heroes of legend who charge fangs bared into the teeth of the enemy. In October, this Chapter of ferocious warriors is being re-launched with a brand-new Codex and range of Citadel Miniatures.

Check out “Incoming! Space Wolves and Bastions” at Games Workshop!

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Blogger Labels: Miniatures

July 13, 2009

‘Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince’ Midnight Showings in the Dallas Area

DomesticOnesheetFor all you folks that do not have to be up the next morning or have the luxury of being able to do your jobs with your eyes shut, here is the link to the midnight showings in Dallas. This automatically pulls up everything in Dallas, but if you substitute your zip code for the name “Dallas”, you’ll get the theaters in just your area. On that page you may also select the day to get different show times. Anyone deciding to dress up for the show? Have fun!

Link to “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince” movie page on my site.

July 11, 2009

Can’t Stop the Serenity – I got stopped!

Got up this morning all ready to take photos, give a little to a great cause, and watch two great films. Well, I had the right attitude. The doors were supposed to open at 10:30pm, so I was a little surprised to find a line extending into the parking lot.  I decided to take advantage of the line and take photos. It was probably already in the 90’s (at the time of this posting it is 106) when I took my spot at the end of the line. Rumor ran through the crowd that the event was sold out. I figured if someone didn’t show up maybe I could get in then, but they weren’t going to allow that until Serenity started at 1:15pm. I didn’t think it was a good idea to stick around for two hours on the chance that someone didn’t show up. I guess that’ll teach me to buy my tickets early. According to one of the guys at the door, the addition of “Dr. Horrible” is what helped it sell out. So, I came home with some photos and sat down to watch “Dr. Horrible” and write this blog. I may watch some ‘Firefly’ this evening just to console myself. If anyone got any photos, shoot me a link to them and I’ll post them here.

Got home an went to hulu.com to watch “Dr. Horrible” and cried at the end. sniff. What can I say, I’m a sensitive guy. I’ll put the complete series of Firefly in my Netflix cue and watch it next week. In the meantime, keep on Misbehavin’!

Click this link to see the photos.

Can't Stop the Serenity Charity Event

July 9, 2009

Movie Release Pages

I'm been wanting to do this for a long time and I've been finding ways of putting it off, even though it was something that I would enjoy. I'm slowly assembling a movie page that will list all the upcoming movies with the dates of release. When you click on the link for the movie. It takes you to another page just for that release with trailers and photos. It's a work in progress and I'm trying to include just enough info without killing myself. You know, scouring the internet finding all the info and then assembling it. While doing all that, I have to keep searching for a job, study for my web design class, and do the household things for my wife, who is pregnant with child and the only income earner. So, be patient. If there is anything that anyone would like to see on the website, please feel free to let me know at agalaxycalleddallas@gmail.com. Thanks everyone.

'The Watchmen' Director's Cut has a home in Dallas

Since my previous post, this is the only theater that I've found showing the movie in it's 190 minutes of glory, the Rave Theater in Hickory Creek. The movie will be shown from Friday July 17 to Monday July 20 and then the DVD will be release that Tuesday.

Watchmen director's cut coming to Hickory Creek | pegasusnews.com | Dallas / Fort Worth

Agent M at Marvel throwing some great stuff our way

Check out this great remix of the '2012' trailers with some added music. Follow that with an awesome t-shirt and you've got a reason to follow Agent M on twitter.

Halo teabaggin’ shirt. It’s cute. And wrong. (via @karllong)

Optimus Prime delivers David Letterman's Top Ten

July 8, 2009

Darth Vader for Breakfast

Thanks to Agent M over at Marvel Comics for posting this photo. Now what? Jabba the Hutt Jelly?

Agent M Loves Tacos
Darth Vader toaster! This rules. (via Underwire)

'Fallout' LARPing in Russia

Use your Google Translator if you really need to know what the captions say, but a picture is worth a thousand words and these are great photos. Anyone do any LARPing in the Dallas area? Anywhere? Are you a mondo geek if you do?

Вне зоны комфорта - Fallout 2009 «Ничто человеческое»

July 7, 2009

Free Digital comic from Marvel

'The 99' - Islamic Superheroes

group art

What an inspiration! Even though it seems to be geared more towards kids, I think that I might like to track this one down. If it's as great as it looks, I might have to pass it on to my own children, nieces and nephews. Has anyone seen this and read it? Let me know what you think about it.

BBC NEWS | Middle East | 'Why I based superheroes on Islam'

Web 2.0 makes technology just one big mash-up

Cory Doctorow has published this cool article on how new technology will be achieved at "Locus Online". It's a great look at how new ideas can become a collaboration thanks to the internet. Great stuff. I follow him at twitter and this is his website.

Locus Online Perspectives: Cory Doctorow: Cheap Facts and the Plausible PremisePhoto by Joi Ito

July 6, 2009

"Teach the Controversy" T-shirts

You ever have one of those ideas but you never act on it and then someone comes along and does and you're all mad because it should be you that's raking in the money? Yeah, well, I never thought this one up but I wish I had! Click for more designs and thanks for William Gibson retweeting Bruce Sterling over at Wired Magazine.

Teach the Controversy - Intelligently designed t-shirts urging you to show both sides of every story - by Jeremy Kalgreen

July 5, 2009

"Masters & Minions" gives BattleTech a new release

The only time frame they give is "coming soon" which is better than, "not coming soon." It's has enough versatility to be used with the RPG (didn't realize that it was still around.)

Catalyst Game Labs » Archive » Catalyst Game Labs Publishing “Masters & Minions”

Gutenberg sends out support team for new product

After watching this video, this is how I see it going down. The printing
press was made and books were made available to everyone. Now
you have all these people who have never seen a book and so, there
is a little learning curve on how to operate this great new technology.
It's like my father-in-law and his new cell phone or any geriatric and the
time on the VCR.

Friday Morning Fun: Medieval Helpdesk

July 4, 2009

GeekSix gives us the Top 5 Firefly-inspired songs

I'm beginning to find a lot of music that is inspired or came from the
TV show and movie. This has got some great stuff and I'm becoming
more and more of a browncoat every time I turn around. Don't forget
about the "Can't Stop the Serenity" event coming up!

Top 5: Firefly inspired music

Do you know your Transformers?

Cool little test to see how well you can pick out your favorite
Transformers. I'm using it as a test just to get to know them

Test your old-school transformers I.Q.

Justice League: Cry for Justice #1

Great review of the new Justice League comic. I've had to up my allowance (and I'm forty years old) just to keep up with all the new stuff. This is coming out, there's the new Captain America, Josh Howard's Dead@17: Afterbirth is out. Man, I'm just an amateur. How do real comic book collectors keep up? Ask Mom (wife) for more money?

Justice League: Cry for Justice #1 Review - Mania.com

Greg Rucka gives his three favorite comics

Planetary Assault Event July 18th with Games Workshop

Massive Planetstrike Game

In all North American Hobby Centers
Saturday, July 18th

Bring in your favorite 40K army - ALL OF IT - and take part in a massive Planetary Assault. Speak to your local Hobby Center staff to get all the details needed for the game and to sign up for either the Attackers or Defenders force. Players capturing objectives during the game will be win cool prizes.The game will start at 1pm, so be there on time to secure your place in history.

Keep you eye out for more releases on this day like the Iron Clad Dreadnought, Shrine of Aquila, Imperial Strongpoint and Blastscape.

Star Trek Scene It? Giveaway over at SciFiChick.com

All you gotta do is pose a trivia question. How hard is that? Hard
enough for this idiot? I post a question about the animated series
then reread to find that it's only about the live action stuff. Did I
mention that I graduated top of my class?

Star Trek Scene It? Giveaway! - SciFiChick.com

July 2, 2009

SciFi to reboot 'Alien Nation'

I had forgotten that James Caan and Mandy Patinkin
were in the original movie. I always loved the alien
cop's name: Sam Francisco. Granted it's another reboot, but I'm looking forward to seeing what they've got up their collective sleeves. It will take place twenty years after the original TV show which keeps it kind of current, and brings a lot of issues up dealing with our
own immigration problems. Do you look forward to it,
or are you tired of the whole reboot/remake thing coming out of Hollywood.

A new Alien Nation series develops at SCI FI Channel | SCI FI Wire
Tim Minear to Revive Alien Nation for Sci Fi Channel | SciFiCool.com

Beta Wave Toy coming in August

The folks over at SciFi Wire grabbed this little clip about a new toy out in August that will allow you to move things with your mind. Actually, it's a beta-detector kind of like doctors have embedded in prosthetics, that allow an amputee to move his arm. Still pretty freakin' neat if you ask me!

No lightsabers yet, but this new toy allows you to use the Force, Luke | SCI FI Wire

Rogue Trader's Forsaken Bounty available for download

Stargazer has found a few links for you to download and play
through a game of Rogue Trader. May have to see if I can get
a group together to try this out.

Stargazer’s World » Forsaken Bounty

Twilight: Eclipse set to start filming

Even though Twilight:New Moon will not hit theaters until November 20, the third installment, Eclipse, will already be wrapped up.

Empire: Movie News - Twlight: Eclipse Has A Start Date

Screw Attack Gaming Convention July 3 - 5, 2009

It almost sneaked by me, but it's that time of year again. Lan parties and console gaming
and even some rpging thrown in there.

ScrewAttack Gaming Convention - July 3rd - 5th 2009 - Dallas / Ft Worth
ScrewAttack Gaming Convention is a weekend of fun and entertainment
revolving around gaming and community. With features including gaming
celebrity guest speakers, a giant dealer room, console and PC free play
areas, a giant wireless lounge, the Iron-Man of Gaming, a full coin-op
arcade, tournaments and a whole lot more, SGC let's developers and
consumers come together in a relaxed, fun atmosphere.

It cost $20 a day or you can get the entire weekend for $50. It seems these
events get more expensive or maybe I'm just getting older. With me being
unemployed and the costs of these events going up, I had to put up a PayPal
"Donate" button to help fund the adventures. I don't like to have to do that,
but if I can't afford the events, I can't post my photos and experiences. So,
it's either this or someone HIRE ME.

Click here to see the schedule of events. And if you get great photos or have
an awesome story about the event, let me know about it here.

Ya'll have a great weekend.

Ecto-1 on the BBC 'Fifth Gears'

AJ Quick over at Ghostbusters Fans posted this clip from the BBC show, Fifth Gears.
Great little piece, not just on the Ecto-1, but also on the '59 Cadillac models. Not just
for Ghostbusters.

Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Replica on Channel 5's Fifth Gear - Community - Ghostbusters Fans