July 1, 2009

'Eclipse Phase' New Era of Hard Sci-Fi RPG

I've always been interested in playing a "transhuman" type of game where
humanity is just starting to reach the stars and evolution is a proactive effort.
This being a Catalyst release and being that I'm a fan of Shadowrun game I'm
wondering about the game mechanics. I play Shadowrun 3rd edition and a lot
of people do not seem to like the 4th edition's tweaks to the game mechanics.
I'll be interested to see if they use the same basis or if they come with a new
system. How about your views. Do you like 3rd or 4th edition rules? Don't like
cyberpunk Elves? Neither did William Gibson. What about the "Transhuman"
element in your space games?

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  1. The possibilities in this universe, created by some of the same team behind Shadowrun 4, are quite interesting. I too am looking forward to this game too.

  2. As soon as I see a publish date, I'll post. Thanks for the comment, Nacho.


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