Welcome to A Galaxy Called Dallas!

For 10 years A Galaxy Called Dallas has had a presence in the DFW area and specifically in the Garland area these last four years.

Begun in 2009 as a hobby blog, it eventually morphed into A Galaxy Called Dallas Comics located north of Downtown Garland, but has now closed.

We now return to our roots as a blog about the Geek Community in DFW but especially in the areas around Garland.

We Choose the Moon

This is an amazing website that was posted by Sci Fi Wire. Put together by the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the moon landing, this website is a real-time recreation of the entire mission. The background noise you hear is the actual noises recorded the day of the launch. You can look at photos and watch videos to immerse yourself even further in the history that was truly a one of a kind event for humanity. I wouldn’t be born for another three weeks but as I got older, I watched the later launches and it’s what influenced my hobbies and interests. Check out the site and relive the history!

Apollo 11-thumb-550x208-20759