October 20, 2011

FenCon VIII Recap with Photos

Got a chance to go visit the fine folks at FenCon. Happened in Addison where they always have a great turnout. My friend Tom Branch and I got there in time to listen to Tee Morris and Pip Ballantine on a panel about steampunk. I got to get my copy of Phoenix Rising autographed and a photo together with them. I truly enjoyed meeting them.


Also, got to listen in on Gail Carriger. I read her first book, Soulless, and wanted to get it signed but due to time constraints, couldn’t get to her in time. I did get her photo, though. Was very amazed to find out that she is an archeologist, but she deals more with the archeological materials which if I’m not mistaken is about the tools that made certain items. Don’t hold me to that, Google it.


Was, also, able to speak with Rachel Caine and P. N. Elrod who shared a table together. Very nice ladies and Mrs. Elrod was nice enough to give me one of her books on tape since I . . . still have . . . a tape player. Nonetheless, a most wonderful lady and look forward to seeing them again soon.


I always have to stop by the table of Gloria Oliver and say hi. She’s got the same spot every year and I have yet to find where they engraved her name. Everyone seems to know that it’s her spot. I picked up her latest and can’t wait to find time to read it!

If you get a chance to go next year, you won’t be disappointed. It’s always a lot of fun and the authors are more than happy to talk to their fans! If you’ve got any photos to post, put the link in the comments section. Here’s the link to my album.

October 6, 2011

Fan Days October 8-9 2011

Collectible Cards and Priority Pass

This will be my first time to visit the Fan Days event. Usually didn’t have the money or the time to go in the past, but I made a little money on Amazon (I know, my ex-co-workers from Borders will be burning me in effigy) and splurged to get the early price for a priority pass. Plus, they threw in two soon-to-be collectible cards that were used to help promote Fan Days in Toronto and Atlanta. So, with lanyard round the neck, I’ll be waiting to see Lando and Mr. Sulu.


Billy Dee Williams PsiNetI’ve picked up a copy of a book that Billy Dee co-wrote with Rob MacGregor and will get him to autograph it for me. Then I might even read it. Ah, I’m pretty sure I’ll read it. It’s about the military using psychics and such and when I’m done I’ll write a review for you.



Colt 45 Billy Dee WilliamsThen a friend of a friend posted on Facebook this nice little gem that he got off of eBay. Can’t wait to see what Billy Dee has to say about that!



What’s the weirdest thing that you’ve ever had a celebrity, author or artist sign? Show pictures if you can!

October 5, 2011

Secrets from Beyond the Stars or Hints at the Next Book in the Series

Ronald Dunn The Wisdom of Solomon 09202011I got an email from Ronald Dunn yesterday and it’s got hints as to what he has in store for Rob, the main character of his novel The Wisdom of Solomon. For those that don’t remember, I wrote a review for Ron back in April of this year and eventually went to work helping him promote it. Anyway, I read the email and was so giddy with anticipation that I dropped what I was doing so that I could call him to drop what he was doing and tell him that I wanted that sequel RIGHT NOW!

Knowing that wasn’t going to happen, I told him that I would have to just go back and re-read the first one until he finished. Here’s what he’s told me so far.

Rob has got himself into a mess like no one in the history of mankind.  He now has not one, but two monumental problems.  First, he must deal with the fact that his 65 year old mental self is now encased in the physical body of his 9 year old self.  His brain power, which has been tremendously enhanced by his association with an alien spacecraft, does not work well with his young, immature body.  He must now face every situation, including his interaction with his parents and brother, knowing that he must “act his age”!  How about school?  Can he somehow act normally in front of all his classmates from 56 years earlier.  Back then he was known to interrupt class proceedings and get in trouble with the teachers because of too much talking.  Now, what will everybody think when he remains mute because he knows opening his mouth will surely provoke much more severe problems!

    Secondly, Rob has lost his telepathic connection with Torena, the alien woman who helped him travel back in time to his childhood.  His connection with Torena is his only tie to his prior place in the time continuum and he knows, that without her help, he can never be careful enough to keep from changing his previous future; unless he can, somehow make it back to the cavern in Northern New Mexico!

If you haven’t read the first book then you need to click on picture. It’ll take you to his website and you can purchase it there. This is definitely gonna be a humdinger of a ride and I can’t wait. How about you? Have you read it?