January 1, 2021

Celebrating National Science Fiction Day 2021

Since about 2011, January 2 has been set aside as National Science Fiction Day. The date is significant as it is the birthday of Isaac Asimov, one of the most prolific science-fiction writers of the 20th century. He coined the term 'robotics' and developed the '3 Laws of Robotics' and contributed many more terms, ideas and stories over his wonderful career.

I've been a fan of science-fiction since I was a kid. Born a year before the moon landings, I watched Saturn V's launch and saw the USS Enterprise every week in syndication. I watched 'Battlestar Galactica' on the tube and 'Star Wars' on the silver screen. Tom Baker was my Doctor in the early 80's. I loved old sci-fi B-movies on the late late show such as 'Twenty Million Miles to Earth' and 'Forbidden Planet'. Science-fiction even showed up in music from Sheb Wooley's 'Flying Purple People Eater' to Billy Thorpe's 'Children of the Sun." Comics added another medium to enjoy with titles like 'Starblazer', comic adaptations of 'Lost in Space' and a story of an alien come to Earth in 'Action Comics' Superman. I read the newspaper strips of 'Flash Gordon' and 'Buck Rogers' and used to clip them and then glue them into spiral-bound notebooks to make my own comic books. This all has molded me into the sci-fi lover I am today.

I continue to read novels, classic and new, comics and I collect spacecraft, robots and space pistols. I have a small collection but I'm always looking to add to it.

There are many ways to celebrate National Science Fiction Day. You could do a marathon of your favorite movies or TV shows. You could relax with a good book or some comics. Even better, share your love of sci-fi and tell some one about your favorite book, show, etc. Whatever you do, take time to enjoy!

What is your favorite book, show, movie, franchise? Tell us and share that love!