July 23, 2015

Game On! Thursday

Game On! Thursday


Come in all day every Thursday and enjoy 20% off of your favorite games. The only exception is that the discount does not apply to games that are new in store that week or to booster packs for games like Magic, Pokemon, Yugioh!, Dicemasters, or Heroclix. Enjoy!

July 21, 2015

Trade Tuesdays!

We’re going to be running this promo for a little while and we’d like to get your feedback on it. For the next month or so, we’re running Graphic Novel Tuesdays! This means that on Tuesdays, you can get a graphic novel of your choice for 20% off the cover price. This does not apply to sale items or items . And it starts today!

Trade Tuesdays

July 15, 2015

DC Deck-Building Game: Teen Titans is in!

You have to admit that if you’ve played the DC Deck-Building game, it’s pretty sweet! And with every expansion comes new teams to play and I can’t wait to try this one.

The new focus of the set revolves around Ongoing abilities: Cards that stay in play until you need them. Every time you put an Ongoing card into play, it essentially gives you an extra card to utilize on a future turn. Previously, only Locations and a couple of other cards could ever stay in play. Now every card type at every power level has multiple different cards that are Ongoing. Sometimes they help you every turn. But mostly they stay in play until you choose to discard them for their mighty effects. If you can build up several Ongoing cards, unleash as many as you need to take down the Super-Villains!

If you’re interested, come by the shop while supplies last!

July 14, 2015

Smash Up: Munchkin – We’re taking pre-orders now!

Munchkin has been a real fun game to play around the shop and Smash Up is probably a good second. What do you think happens when you add those two together? I don’t know either, but I can’t wait to try them out. Check out the info below and let us know if this is something that you would like to see on the shelves. Pre-order your copy and we’ll knock 20% off the price, but we have to have a deposit on file by August 10th!

07-14-2015 Smashup Munchkin

Smash Up: Munchkin

History records many great pairings. Death and taxes. Peanut butter and chocolate. Cats and cheeseburgers.

Now we’ve smashed up Munchkin with Smash Up!

Smash Up is the game where each player smashes two weird factions together and tries to crush all the others. The factions in this set are Munchkin races and classes: Orcs, Warriors, Halflings, Clerics, Dwarves, Elves, Thieves, and Mages! All the factions have different powers, and every team-up is different.

This set may be played by itself, but all the factions are fully compatible with your existing Smash Up sets. There are also two brand-new card types. Monsters lurk around the bases, and Treasures give you new rewards when you smash a base!

- Eight entirely new decks!
- New Monster and Treasure cards!
- Amazing new Munchkin art drawn by John Kovalic and painted by Francisco Rico Torres and Gong Studios!
- Now in the “Smash Up” Base Box style format you will get 10 faction dividers for your Smash Up Big Geeky Box!

Contents :

- 8 faction decks with 20 cards each - 20 monster cards
- 22 treasure cards
- 16 base cards

- 10 dividers *Never before in the Smash Up Base Set*

- token sheet - rulebook

Ages:​ 12+
Playing Time: 4​5 minutes

Don’t forget kids, pre-orders on file by August 10th get a 20% discount!