July 31, 2010

M. B. Weston at Borders Books in Lewisville

Come meet M. B. Weston at Borders in Lewisville on August 21st between 1pm and 3pm and get her to sign one of her books from the Elysian Chronicles series.
Michelle's book sigining has been cancelled. I will post a new date as soon as I have one.

A Prophecy Forgotten by M. B. WestonAlso, join her Wednesday evenings at 7pm for a writers workshop. The last one will be August 25th, so plenty of time to catch her and get some tips on writing.

July 26, 2010

Congratulations to Zeus Comics

I’m sending a big congratulations out to Richard and the crew at Zeus Comics for winning ‘D Magazine’s Best Comic Book Store’ and the ‘Readers’ Pick for Best Comic Book Store’. Send your own well-wishes on Twitter @zeuscomics or on Facebook at Zeus Comics and Collectibles and visit their website. And if that weren’t enough, visit The Variants website for the latest episodes.

Best of Dallas - Zeus Comics' Richard Neal - 2010

July 23, 2010

SyFy Comic-Con 2010 Photo Widget

New ‘Tron: Legacy’ Trailer

I’ve been scouring the Half-Price Book stores for the original Tron and have been coming up short. I must see it before this comes out so that I can refresh my memory! This looks amazing!

July 20, 2010

Josh Howard at Comic Con 2010

Josh Howard at Comic Con

San Diego Comic Con 2010

Photos from Boomerang Comics Midnight Release of Scott Pilgrim Vol. 6

Snook over to Boomerang Comics about 10:30pm and a crowd had already gathered. Before I could even get out of the Explorer, I heard a song drifting across the parking lot. A small group was gathered around someone’s car and they were singing along to the Dr. Horrible soundtrack on the stereo. I mean, it is a sing-a-long, right?

Neal threw open the doors and people quickly moved inside. I struck up a conversation with someone (I can’t remember your name but just shoot me an email and I’ll fix it) about creativity and gaming. Especially how to create maps using everything from darts to paint-dripping animals. Don’t ask. In the middle of the store they were playing Street Fighter IV before switching to Rock Band and in the back was a mean game of Munchkin Cthulhu.

There was a Scott Pilgrim character look-alike contest and some cool swag to be won. I couldn’t stick around too long, but I know that there were other raffles for door prizes, so there wasn’t any going home empty-handed.

If you went and got pictures or video, send me a link to them.

DSC02023 DSC02024
DSC02025 DSC02026
DSC02027 DSC02028
DSC02029 DSC02030

July 14, 2010

Writers Workshop at Borders in Lewisville

Disclaimer: Yes, I work for Borders Books. No, I don’t speak for them. ‘Nuff said.

Borders Books in Lewisville, Texas, will be presenting a series of six free workshops led by M. B. Weston. Whether you are an aspiring author, a dabbler, or a full-fledged author looking to hone your game, everyone will be able to walk away from here with great ideas.

michelle-021Weston is the author of The Elysian Chronicles, her fantasy series about guardian angel warfare and treason. Weston is known as a gifted orator and often speaks at writers conference workshops and panels, classrooms, and science fiction & fantasy conventions about the craft of writing and the process of getting published. Weston is also a radio talk show host for The Final Cut in Movies, the  show that puts science fiction and fantasy movies center stage, with Ad Astra Radio, an internet science fiction and fantasy talk radio station. The Final Cut in Movies can also be downloaded as a podcast at M. B. Weston's Podcasts site or on iTunes.

(Provided by Weston’s Website, www.mbweston.com)

The one-hour workshop will start Wednesday, July 21st, at 7pm and continue each Wednesday night at the same time until August 25th.

The main reason I posted here is that M. B. thinks that the workshop would be of benefit to DMs and GMs who want to add a little spice to their games. From detailing campaigns, adventures, and worlds to adding that simple something to a character’s background, gamers can get some great tips here.

See you there.

July 8, 2010

Boomerang Comics’ Summer Cookout and Sale

Human Torch cooking a hotdog Be sure and check out Boomerang Comics this weekend, July 10th, for food & fun.

This Saturday July 10th, we will be having a summer celebration cookout from 12 - 2pm! We will be cooking hotdogs and hamburgers outside in the parking lot, a sidewalk sale featuring tons of 50 cent and $1 books and lots of clearance items, and a cool announcement (or should I say unveiling)! So come out and join us for some free food, great deals and be the first to see our cool surprise!

They will also hosting a midnight release party for Scott Pilgrim Vol. 6. Monday night, July 19th be sure and line up to get your paws on the last in the series.

It's finally here... six years and almost one thousand pages have all led to this epic finale! With six of Ramona's seven evil exes dispatched, it should be time for Scott Pilgrim to face Gideon Graves, the biggest and baddest of her former beaus. But didn't Ramona take off at the end of Book 5? Shouldn't that let Scott off the hook? Maybe it should, maybe it shouldn't, but one thing is for certain -- all of this has been building to Scott Pilgrim's Finest Hour! (thanks to the Scott Pilgrim Website)

Scott Pilgrim