July 20, 2010

Photos from Boomerang Comics Midnight Release of Scott Pilgrim Vol. 6

Snook over to Boomerang Comics about 10:30pm and a crowd had already gathered. Before I could even get out of the Explorer, I heard a song drifting across the parking lot. A small group was gathered around someone’s car and they were singing along to the Dr. Horrible soundtrack on the stereo. I mean, it is a sing-a-long, right?

Neal threw open the doors and people quickly moved inside. I struck up a conversation with someone (I can’t remember your name but just shoot me an email and I’ll fix it) about creativity and gaming. Especially how to create maps using everything from darts to paint-dripping animals. Don’t ask. In the middle of the store they were playing Street Fighter IV before switching to Rock Band and in the back was a mean game of Munchkin Cthulhu.

There was a Scott Pilgrim character look-alike contest and some cool swag to be won. I couldn’t stick around too long, but I know that there were other raffles for door prizes, so there wasn’t any going home empty-handed.

If you went and got pictures or video, send me a link to them.

DSC02023 DSC02024
DSC02025 DSC02026
DSC02027 DSC02028
DSC02029 DSC02030


  1. Thanks for posting I wanted to go but it was a little far

  2. I could have swore there was a shuttle bus running out to where you are!

  3. Thanks for taking these awesome pictures!

    -Morgan from Boomerang Comics

  4. Thanks Morgan! If you come across any other photos, shoot me the links!


    Had to work in one more "!"


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