January 11, 2018

Heroclix - Battle Royale followed by Clear and Go!

Games start at 7pm Friday night 1/12 with the Battle Royale. Clear and Go! follows at 8pm. You can register before the game at A Galaxy Called Dallas on the Wizkids Site.

Pre-event Battle Royale

Entrees will pull a number and use the corresponding pre numbered FF/Starter set as their BR starting point.
$10 buy in

Clear and Go!

Build a 500 point golden age team (minimum 5 figures) Modern equippable special objects, ID cards, and theme teams are the only tactics allowed.
*you will not be playing just your team ....
*additional rules explained night of the event....
Additional Info
$3 entry
No Con Ex Felix Faust/Dr. Strange
No Uni-Mind
No more than one colossal retaliation figure (regardless of point value/starting line) allowed.
No team bases or colossals larger than 2 x 2 base
No Mangog
Modern vehicles only

Announcing the Birthday Club!

We'd like to start off the new year by celebrating our customers and so to do that, we've created the Birthday Club. Members of the Birthday Club will get a one-time use coupon that can be used anytime during their birthday month. They will also get an invite to a birthday party for members of that month. We will celebrate with cake and drinks and during the event members will receive a discounted shopping spree.

To become a member, email us your full name, phone number, the email that you would like to use to get the coupons, and your birth date. Our first birthday event will be on January 20th. Sign up now to receive your first coupon!

One birth date per email per customer name can be registered. You may also email us with any other questions that you have. To register or ask questions email us at events@agalaxycalleddallas.com.

January 4, 2018

Dvarsh, An Introduction by Robert Stickmanz

The first manifestation of A Galaxy Called Dallas was actually a hobby blog. I used it to talk about geek culture including books, cons, movies, etc. One of my first reviews that I ever did was of a book Sleeper Awakes by Robert Stickmanz which is part of his Hidden Lands of Nod series. That was a little over seven years ago and since then he has added a book of the Dvarsh language. A heady endeavor which has already garnered an award from the Austin press. 

We have procured copies for sale in the shop at $19.95 each. Feel free to check out his website and if you are interested in his books, we can get them for you.

Dvarsh, An Introduction

Where's Wolverine?

Yes, Wolverine is on his way back. But where can you find him? Over the next three months and starting with this week's Captain America you will be able to find end credits at the back of these issues giving you clues on where he is. Don't miss out on these issues!

Look for this image on the selected issues!