October 6, 2011

Fan Days October 8-9 2011

Collectible Cards and Priority Pass

This will be my first time to visit the Fan Days event. Usually didn’t have the money or the time to go in the past, but I made a little money on Amazon (I know, my ex-co-workers from Borders will be burning me in effigy) and splurged to get the early price for a priority pass. Plus, they threw in two soon-to-be collectible cards that were used to help promote Fan Days in Toronto and Atlanta. So, with lanyard round the neck, I’ll be waiting to see Lando and Mr. Sulu.


Billy Dee Williams PsiNetI’ve picked up a copy of a book that Billy Dee co-wrote with Rob MacGregor and will get him to autograph it for me. Then I might even read it. Ah, I’m pretty sure I’ll read it. It’s about the military using psychics and such and when I’m done I’ll write a review for you.



Colt 45 Billy Dee WilliamsThen a friend of a friend posted on Facebook this nice little gem that he got off of eBay. Can’t wait to see what Billy Dee has to say about that!



What’s the weirdest thing that you’ve ever had a celebrity, author or artist sign? Show pictures if you can!

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