July 30, 2009

Did you go? TwiCon Sold Out!

So, I was perusing some of the local websites and found one that listed the convention as sold out. I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around this. The convention, just to walk through the doors, is $255 per person. The hotel room is cheaper at $139. Then once you get in, photo ops are $40 per person and as high as $60. And those spots are limited to about 65 people. Am I just aghast at the money involved because I’m not that big a fan or is it really that ludicrous. Now, I’ve spent money before on things like autographed photos and it was hard to watch that $20 bill go bye-bye, but I only paid $15 to get in to the place. If I had paid $255, they better be throwing autographs at me. Let me hear what you think!

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