October 25, 2012

Video Association of Dallas Presents SHORT BURSTS OF HORROR

Tainted Milk Movie ShortThis fun little event is just in time for Halloween! Go to the link below to get tickets!

Short Burst of Horror at Dallas Museum of Art



Short Burst of Horror

Saturday, Oct 27 9:30p

at Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas, TX

Age Suitability: None Specified


Short Burst of Horror (short’s block) curated by Charles Dee Mitchell
Shadowline by Jim Haverkamp A weather beaten drifter on the fringe of a city takes refuge in a broken factory. There he finds an old coat, and in the pocket a notepad with a photo of a girl he later realizes is a missing person. Ignored by an eerily cold public, but with a sense of purpose he attempts to find her - traversing the decaying guts of the city he follows phantom clues, which are driving him to a point beyond all reason
Tainted Milk by Jimmy” ScreamerClauz On the night of a Lunar Eclipse a young boy, Tommy, is informed by his dog that the devil is living inside of his mother and that it must be destroyed before its born.
I Love Sarah Jane by Spencer Susser Jimbo is 13 and can think of only one girl -- Sarah Jane. And no matter what stands in his way-bullies, violence, chaos, or zombies-nothing will stop him from finding a way into her world.
Ethereal Chrysalis by Syl Disjonk Enter the multidimensional maze of the Ethereal Chrysalis, where the doors of perception become the annihilation of all rational thoughts.
We, The Masses by Robyn O’Neil Houston artist Robyn O'Neil is known for her large-scale, graphite drawings of men lost in vast, snowy landscapes, landscapes that evoke austere beauty, danger, and horror. This short film, produced in conjunction with Werner Herzog's Rogue Film School, animates O'Neil's world. A solitary figure, literally dropped from the sky, confronts unreasoning antagonists and natural disaster, and possibly attains transcendence.

Are you a big budget horror person or do you like the indies?

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