August 11, 2009

Marvel Comics’ 70th Anniversary with Lone Star Comics

Can you believe that this group has been around longer than you and your dad and maybe your grandfather (if you’re really young). I would tell you what issues of Spiderman I read when I was young but that would make some of you feel real old and some of you would want to know what I was talking about, so, suffice it to say, I was a Spiderman kid. On that note, you can meet him tomorrow, August 12th, at Lone Star Comics. That’s right, kids (and I mean all ages), you can meet Spiderman (and friends, according to some postings) at the Dallas location. Some posts that I have read state the event starts at 5pm and others say 7pm. I would opt for the earlier, because there will be swag given away and special edition comics for sale commemorating the event and I’m sure they will go fast. Contests, games, movies, and just a big old shindig is planned so make sure and not miss it.

Lone Star Comics in Dallas is located at 6465 East Mockingbird Lane Suite #362 Dallas, TX 75214. For more information call (214) 823-0934 or email

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