August 25, 2009

Gamestop Arkham Asylum Release Party a Success

DSC01475I dropped by the Gamestop #688 after work tonight to check out who was standing in line. Got there about 11:30 just as they were doing the prize drawings and snapped off a few random shots. Lots of costumed characters (and very well done, I might add) were in attendance. Thanks to Andrew for his help and look forward to hearing about new events from him in the future. Then I stopped at the Gamestop around the corner from Boomerang to see how Marty was holding up with his sketches. Run into Jamel while I was snapping photos of the crowd and the Bat suit. Supposedly, it’s the one worn by Michael Keaton and just to be near it was pretty cool. Met some new people including a youngster named Dayton who was tearing up the new Batman demo. His mom and dad, gamers themselves, said that he was just as excited about the new game as they were. Howdy, to Keith at Gamestop #465 and look forward to hearing from him about new events.

You can check out the rest of the photos here or by clicking on “Galaxy Photos” to the right. You can download for your own personal use and if you want the original file you can email me and I’ll send it to you. If you have any photos, send me some links so that I’m can put them here and share.

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