August 13, 2009

‘Ponyo’ Midnight Showings in Dallas

Ponyo_Wallpaper_800Ponyo didn’t get as many showings as did ‘District 9’ but then again it didn’t really receive as much press. I honestly can’t say that I’ve found anyone wanting to see this one either. If you are looking forward to seeing it, enlighten me. What do you find exciting about?

 Midnight Movie Times


  1. james.david.sloan@gmail.comAugust 31, 2009 at 7:23 PM

    All of Hayao Miyazaki's work has a magical charm that not everybody gets. If someone has seen his work and didn't "get it", then they probably wouldn't "want" to go see this movie. It's kind of like nobody going to see this is seeing their first Miyazaki film.
    If you do like other Miyazaki films and just don't like this one, then I'm not sure I have an answer for you. It's a newer and cooler version of one of my favorites, The Little Mermaid, and I think it's great!

  2. Thanks for the input. I myself have not seen a Miyazaki film but the clips that I do see interest me alot. When I started this site at the beginning of the year and got back to going to cons and hitting the game shops and comic book stores, I found a lot of people into the anime and manga here in the Dallas area. I'm wondering if this movie was a little too polished or just not their cup of tea. How did it go over in your area? And if anyone here in Dallas saw it, what were the crowds like?


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