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Tim Taylor at Strip Con–Dallas Webcomics Expo

I got a chance to get out this past week and visit the Expo and I’m glad I did. I drove back in from visiting family in East Texas and then turned around and heading back after the show. It was a small price to pay.

Tim Taylor Game Keeper in Hunger Games MovieI was totally unaware of Tim Taylor’s appearance and so shuffled in just as it was beginning. In fact, I hate to say this, but I don’t think a lot of folks knew he was here, because I was the fifth person to sit down and that included Tim and Jedi Cole at the table. Being that I did walk in on the beginning, I was jabbed at about finally getting there, where had I been, and now that I was there, they could finally start. We were asked if we had any questions and I admitted to the fact that I had not read the book or seen the movie, so, yes, there will be lots of questions.

It turns out that Tim is a really cool guy. He was a stand up comedian for about 10 years before trying out for the movie ‘Heart of Dixie.’ Since then he’s done numerous roles as a character actor and finally landed on ‘The Hunger Games’ as one of the Game Keepers. He now lives in Dallas as a great midway point between Hollywood and New York and seems to like it here so far.

He will be at Space City Con in Houston this week, GeekFest in Killeen next week, and at Galaxy Ranger Fandays in Abilene on September 29th. If you get the chance, stop by his table and say hi.