About 'A Galaxy Called Dallas'

A Galaxy Called Dallas is a comic book shop that caters to readers and collectors of all types. We are located at the intersection of Belt Line Rd. and N. Garland Ave. in Garland, Texas. We carry a variety of items in addition to comics and if we don't have it, 99% of the time we can order it fairly quickly.

The shop started out as a website in 2009, but after my wife passed away from a brain tumor, I decided to get off my moping behind and do something. She always encouraged my habit, so I devoted my time and money to creating a place to satisfy that habit. I also wanted a place for other geeks like me to be able to come and mingle with like-minded individuals and not be looked at for being different. Of course, nowadays, we're not so different after all. You can join us for a discussion on comics, drawing sessions, game nights, or any myriad of evenings and have a blast. Come see what your missing.

The Blog That Started It All

When I first started the website, it was a way of keeping up with all the things going on in the world of geekdom. The name just came to me one night as I lay in bed and I couldn't go to sleep just thinking of all the possibilities. I wanted to talk about all the cool movies, books, and tv shows, but so many people were already doing that, so I decided to just post about events in the DFW area that others may be missing out on like I did for so many years. I eventually branched out to a Twitter account and a Facebook page to help keep everyone informed. I still have these great ideas for the site but it's gonna take a little manpower and time before I get it there. In the meantime, I still post about the events, but I also want to concentrate on the community and write more about the people that are a part of A Galaxy Called Dallas.

About Me

My name is James Pickering. I graduated from a small-town high school in north Louisiana to go on into the Navy. After serving my country in Desert Shield/Desert Storm, I have been everything from a DJ to a appliance repairman to a book salesman. I think I enjoyed being a book seller the most.

I am a widower and proud father of a wonderful daughter who makes me proud every day. When she's not at school, she's here at the shop helping or entertaining.

My favorite books are Tolkien's LORD OF THE RINGS, Herbert's DUNE, Heinlein's STARSHIP TROOPERS, and anything by local author A. Lee Martinez. When it comes to movies, I've pretty much proved that I don't have any standards and it doesn't take much to impress me, but that just means I have more fun at the theater than most. I didn't start reading comics again, until I started this site and I've reconnected with some old friends. Most of them are from DC, but I still love Marvel and the independents.