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Taylor Lymbery

Name: Taylor Lymbery (Red Turtle Comics)
Job Title: Comic Book Artist (Freelance Illustrator)

Where: Dallas Metroplex, TX
Employer: Various
Education: BAS in film production and design at the University of North Texas
Website: http://www.myspace.com/redturtlecomics

Someone asked me once,” If you like to draw, why do you have a film degree?” I answered, “ I don’t know.” It wasn’t till recently that I was able to answer that. I’ve always loved movies (action/ sci-fi/ fantasy). And, equally, I’ve always loved Comics. I found growing up that I enjoyed good stories, strange stories that captured my imagination and took me away from everything. Then I became a teen. Emotionally then, I felt I was too good for child’s things. Little did I know?( I was missing out on all the good writings of the 90’s.) As I got older and left for college, my interest sparked again in Comics and would you know, I loved them again! But at this point I was into film. What do I do? I used my knowledge of editing film and shooting to gain perspective in my art pages. In the end it has worked out so far. Currently I am working on my first graphic novel I hope to have published within the next year. And having a film background has given me chances to storyboard local commercials and music videos. I’m still young in the industry, but I’m hopeful!

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