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A-Kon 21 Photos from around the Net

Nicholas Pluim sent me these links to his facebook page where he has uploaded photos from the first two days at A-Kon. Thanks, Nicholas!

Nicholas Pluim at A-Kon 21 Day 1
Nicholas Pluim at A-Kon 21 Day 2

The A-Kon site as also been nice enough to post links to galleries from attendees. As I browsed I was amazed at the creativity that these folks showed and made me hate the fact that I missed out on such a cool showing. Not as much skin at this one as I’ve seen at others, though there were a few costumes that made me wonder how they got by their parents!

Offer is still open if you’ve got pics that you would like to let everyone know about.
Some favorites:
AKon 21 - Photo by Ed Martinez Photos by Ed Martinez Dahlia - Ashley Johnson - AKon 21 Dahlia by Ashley Johnson
Sesame Street Creatures Photo by Brendan Patrick Burns Sesame Street Creatures by Brendan Patrick Burns SpeedRacer and Trixie at AKon 21 Photo by Ed Martinez Trixie and Speed Racer – Photo by Ed Martinez

June 10, 2010
Got these links from David Doub. They are from the local Dallas paper, Dallas Observer.
Dallas Observer links to A-Kon Photos Pt. 1

Dallas Observer links to A-Kon Photos Pt. 2