March 20, 2009

What I'm About

I'm a geek from wayback. I've played Dungeons & Dragons, I love World of Warcraft, I love comic books, and, well, you know, I'm a geek. I love technology, computers, gadgets, and the like.

I'm also a fan of cutting edge art, media, music . . . if it's freaky or funky I love it. I guess this is just a place for me post about what I like. Another reason is to inform people of these events and get the word out. Because, if the things I enjoy prosper then they will be around for me to enjoy again.

If you would like, feel free to email me at agalaxycalleddallas(at)gmail(dot)com and let me know about events that you like, are planning on visiting, or would like to read about. Also, feel free to leave comments about what you read here.


  1. Hey man thanks a lot for your comment at my blog. Handing out business cards does seem like a good idea. I will try it.

    Good luck,

  2. Not a problem. I got my ideas from when I used to DJ in bars. Promoting there is just like any other place.


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