October 23, 2010

Rockets & Ray Guns costume party October 23rd

Check out the link below. Kind of found out last minute, but hey, there's alot going on this weekend. The site has cool photos from past gigs! If anyone goes, send me photos or links.


The CAC Dallas Halloween Costume Party


Dude! It's a retro sci-fi costume party. All your favorite Martians will be there.

will be here sooner than you think, and what better way to pass
the evening than to become someone or something else. In a complete break
from the normal Halloween fare, the folks of the Creative Art Center present
the the Dallas Costume Art Ball!

This years costume theme will be "Retro Sci-Fi" (science
fiction of yesteryear). The party, held on Saturday,
October 23rd from 8 p.m. until Midnight, at the Creative
Arts Center of Dallas, any and all creatives minds are welcome.
There will be food, drinks, music, games and a costume competition.
More importantly, there will be like-minded creative folks decorating
the night. The theme this year covers a wide range of science
fiction, from steampunk to the 60's bubble helmet and ray gun


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