January 31, 2011

A challenge has been issued #Postaweek2011

So, I’m sitting at a local deli on lunch break sucking up wi-fi and a ribeye sammich, when I come across an article about how Wordpress has put out a challenge to bloggers of all levels. Just a simple poke to get everyone to post at least one article a day for an entire year or for those of us who have full-time jobs that do not incorporate the said blogging, to at least post once a week. I figured this one of the few challenges that I could actually live up to, so here it is in black and white, folks. Even if I don’t have much to say, I’m gonna say it right here.

It’s always been my intentions to make this website more than what you see here. I want it to fulfill a need to the geek/gamer/fanboy(girl) community and I think it will one day. Unfortunately, the best laid plans something something something, and with this past 2010 those plans got pushed aside. The birth of our child just over a year ago, the finding of my wife’s tumor, the removal, chemo & radiation, and the subsequent bill of clean health, and then finally the whole fiasco of disability payments have left us spent and tired, but still with a smile on our face because she is still here, the kid is healthy and growing, and we’re still alive!

Now 2011 is here and though I’m getting a late start on this, I have decided to try and put forth a little effort and see what I can get done here. If you have any suggestions, comments, or complaints then let them fly. After what I’ve been through, your worst can’t hurt me and I welcome it with arms wide open.

So, all ten of you reading this. What brought you here? What did you hope to find? Did you? What can I do to fix it? Let me know that your out there. Will I quit writing if I don’t hear from you? Not likely; I’m a little vain like that.

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