February 23, 2011

Wonder Woman on NBC

Wonder WomanYou may have or have not seen the news of a new pilot episode of ‘Wonder Woman’ being worked up. Adrianne Palicki of ‘Friday Night Lights’ and the new ‘Red Dawn’ will be taken over the mantle of Wonder Woman. Officially held by Lynda Carter, but also played by Cathy Lee Crosby at one time, Palicki will play Diana as a CEO billionaire and also the assistant to that billionaire.

Where I get worried is that David E. Kelley will be writing and executive producing the show. He’s known for ‘Ally McBeal,’ ‘Boston Legal,’ and the now-airing ‘Harry’s Law.’ With that in mind, I can only picture Diana as a thin waif, not the Amazon that she should be, and all of her adventures taking place from the office. That’s what scares me. I hope that all involved will have a little more reverence for the character than that.

More info can be found at BigFanBoy.com and this wiki page.

How do you feel about it? Wonder who is Wonder Woman? Care less? Let me know!

Oh, and my first pick for Wonder Woman would have been Sarah Lancaster of Chuck! See for yourself!

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