June 6, 2011

Lewisville Science Fiction Book Club and man, does a month move fast

June 10, 2011 will be that Friday night again for the Lewisville Science Fiction Book Club. We’ll be discussing the book “Directive 51” by John Barnes and even though I bought the book two days after the last meeting, I’m still finishing the previous book. So, now I’ve got four days to finish it and this is the week that I start a new job. Plus, I’m still trying to promote my author, Ronald Dunn, and his book “The Wisdom of Solomon,” and keep this site up and running. Sometimes, I think I make things too hard on myself.

Directive 51 John BarnesWe are to bring in four titles that we’d like to suggest for future reads. Our group is not necessarily “hard” sci-fi, but we don’t tend to stray far. What are some reads that you think we might enjoy?

And if you have read “Directive 51” or are midway through (which is probably where I’ll be) stop by the IHOP at I-35 and Round Grove Road around 7:30 PM in the back room and join us.

Now, what are those book titles again?


  1. I actually did get it all read--it was GOOD! However, there's no way that Jeff is going to get it read, because I had the only copy on my e-reader, and it took me the whole month to read it!

    Still need to come up with some books--however, the group almost always hates my choices! :)


  2. Well, I'm gonna try and finish it by Friday, but will probably only get half like I did with the last one. Then there is that list . . . .

    Thanks for commenting and I'll see you there!


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