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DFW Brain Tumor Walk September 29, 2012

2011-11-05_09-20-32_398Brain tumors aren’t science fiction, but I sure do wish they were. My wife was hit with a stage IV brain tumor in July of 2010. My wife has faired pretty well, considering the tumor should have killed her within six weeks. That doesn’t mean that it’s been a picnic for her, though. Surgery, chemo, and radiation which have all led to aphasia, vertigo, memory loss, loss of cognitive functions, and now the inability to perform her job.


We’ve maintained high spirits due to the responsiveness of her tumor to the regimens that she’s been subjected to. We take that spirit and put into something that keeps us hopeful for a brighter future and that is the DFW Brain Tumor Walk. Every year we walk for awareness and research and we ask everyone that we meet to help out in any way possible. Whether it be through your pocketbook or through your connections on the web, please help. A donation, no matter how small, or the passing on of this link is all that we ask. Thank you!

Link: The DFW Brain Tumor Walk Page for Carroll Pickering

If you would like to send a check:

Carroll Pickering


National Brain Tumor Society

Dallas-Ft. Worth Brain Tumor Walk

124 Watertown Street, Suite 2D

Watertown, MA 02472