March 8, 2013

All-Con 2013: Pre-Con Events

Not ever having the time to check out a Con the night before, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Word about the ‘net and on the newsletter hinted at antics, so I went to the Crowne Plaza early to check it out.

I hung out in the bar for about forty-five minutes checking tweets and Facebook nursing a Coke. A table of 501st members eventually came in and sat down at the table next to me. Not in uniform yet, but wearing their logoed t-shirts, they were probably getting ready for a little meet and greet. I also spotted some Starfleet members and upon doing so, headed up to the Oak Ball Room to see if the “Buzzed Off” contest had started.

Camden ToyAs it sometimes happens, something happened to cause a delay in setup and the contest got postponed. When I eventually left at eleven o’clock or so, nothing had happened. Until then, we sat around with JediCole and others while people were assembling the stage and watched a compilation of Youtube and other assorted videos to pass the time. Joining us during this time was Mr. Camden Toy who seemed to enjoy the videos as much as anyone else. Before it was all over with, I was able to exchange pleasantries and a handshake. I’ll get a photo on Friday or Saturday.

On the way out, some folks were already setting up in the dealer room. I ran into Tiffany Franzoni from Roll2Play setting up her booth. She was in good spirits and looking forward to the weekend. I’ll have to stop by her booth and see what the shop has to offer. If you can ever get over to Coppell, check out her shop. They run all kinds of events, and they are preparing for a big bash on March 30th. Check out her Facebook page for more info.

One thing that you’ll definitely want to have with you at the Con, if you have a smart-phone, is the All-Con Mobile link added to your browser book marks. This will come in very handy during the run of the show. I’ll be prowling the show taking pictures, so be sure and check back to see what I’ve added throughout the day, and send me links for yours!

All-Con Hours

Friday: 10am-2am
Saturday: 9am-2am
Sunday: 9am-6pm

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