September 4, 2014

Bringing Magic to A Galaxy Called Dallas

As we bring in more and more product and we get ready for our grand opening, we also want to start building our community. That community includes folks who geek out on Star Trek, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Battlestar Galactica, or Red Dwarf and even fans of Magic, Pokemon, Yugi-oh, RPGs and board games. The best way to support these communities is to have nights where we play the games and talk about the franchises; you know, the things we’re passionate about.Sarkhan_the_Dragonspeaker_PW_2560x1600_Wallpaper

Here at Galaxy Dallas, we aren’t just passionate about the above. We’re crazy about you, too! So, we are now putting together a calendar of gaming that will try to satisfy the major groups of gamers. We know you’re out there and we’d love to meet you and have you play with us.

With us being closed Sunday and Monday (Hey, we need a break, too!) it leaves fewer days to schedule, but I think what we have scheduled will work out. In addition to game nights, we will also be hosting a night open to discussions where we discuss anything and everything. This will be on Tuesday nights and the topics will change from week to week. One week we might discuss comics, the next we might have an artist in to give a how-to. It will be different. Wednesday nights will be role-playing nights. We picked this night for when we get set up for D&D Encounters, but we will also host other RPGs. Thursday will be Pokemon and Yugi-oh nights with Friday night going to Magic and the inevitable set up of Friday Night Magic through Wizards of the Coast. And last but not least, Saturday is a free-for-all with the tables open for anything all day long.

This schedule may change, but you will be given ample notice. We may have to cancel a night of gaming to make way for another event. Again, we’ll give you a heads up. We have five tables, four that can be reserved, but one will always be left open to casual play. The best way to stay in touch is to follow us on Facebook and make sure that you have us in your notifications. Also, you can join our email list. That is in the box to your right or you can find the tab on our Facebook page. If you need any help at all, don’t hesitate to write us at

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