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Death of Spiderman (Sort of)

Johnny Storm aka The Human TorchHave the comic books gone kill-crazy as of late or is it just me? Last month, we saw Johnny Storm a.k.a. The Human Torch snuffed by a tide of aliens all to save The Things life. And now, they look to squash Spiderman in the Ultimate Universe.

Now, this is not something new. And the heroes have always come back. So, at what point does it start getting tiresome? At what point does the consumer say that they just want to get back to good stories and get past the gimmicks? And one point was brought up about not revealing any news about it, but letting the reader find out in the comic. There’s something we haven’t seen in a long time!

How do you feel about killing off characters just for the sake of selling comics? Or does it even bother you?

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