Welcome to A Galaxy Called Dallas!

Located just north of downtown Garland, A Galaxy Called Dallas is your new Favorite Local Comic Shop! We carry everything a growing fanboy or fangirl needs and if we don't have it in stock, we can get it quickly. We offer a subscription service for the comics fan, an Honor Roll program for students in grades K-6, and even discount programs for teachers. Events are scheduled throughout the week and range from game nights to special interest clubs. Come see us on the southwest corner of North Garland Avenue and Belt Line Road in the North Star Crossing shopping center near Nickelrama and Sali's Pizza.

Subscription Changes

We've changed our subscription service a little bit, by giving you a some new perks and clearing up some blurry parts. Here's the details:

Give us your list by filling out a form in the shop, emailing us, or Facebook message. As they come in, we'll put them in a box for you and wait for you to pick them up. Even if you only collect 1 title a month, we’ll pull it for you! We'll give you 20% off the cover and you get 10% off of anything else in the store. This does not stack on already discounted or sale priced items. Here’s the one catch: If it’s not on your list, there’s NO DISCOUNT. The 20% OFF of your comics ONLY applies to the titles on your list. If you add it to your list, then you get the discount. If you’re just trying it out, that's cool. You can drop it anytime that you want, we just ask that you pay for the ones that we've pulled for you. This whole thing is free, we just ask that you pay for what you order.


We want to help you get the comics and collectibles that you want, we just ask that you come in at least once a month and try to keep your list under control. Even if you just make it in once a month, that's great, but if you're pulling 10 comics a week, but only buying 10 a month, then you may need to reassess your list. If you've run into a problem with job, space, life, just let us know. Call, email, or stop in and let us know what the situation is and we can work with you. As long as you keep in touch, we’re happy.


Stealing an idea from other comic shops, as a subscriber you qualify for a 40% preorder discount on any collection where you’ve subscribed to the single issues from us. For example, if you’ve subscribed to Saga #13-18, you can preorder Saga Vol 3 for 40% off! Best of all, you don’t need to sign up for this additional service, it’s free with your subscription sign-up!