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For 10 years A Galaxy Called Dallas has had a presence in the DFW area and specifically in the Garland area these last four years.

Begun in 2009 as a hobby blog, it eventually morphed into A Galaxy Called Dallas Comics located north of Downtown Garland, but has now closed.

We now return to our roots as a blog about the Geek Community in DFW but especially in the areas around Garland.

Free Comic Book Day 2015 Roundup

It’s my Monday, though it’s Tuesday for the rest of you and I’m still aching from the amount of business that we did on Free Comic Book Day. We pretty much ran an entire week’s worth of sales in that one day and I can’t say much more than THANK YOU! Most people look at the money they spend going into the owner’s pocket and nothing more, but that money goes to pay the bills, the other employees, and for the product that we sell. Basically, when you purchase from us, you ensure that we will be here tomorrow and the next day and the next. Again, thank you!

I would like to, also, say thank you to all of the friends that helped man the store. I was overwhelmed by how many people showed up, so next year, I will be prepared. I’d like to thank Cole Houston and Andrew Farmer for coming out and recording for their podcast, Purr Kayla and her daughter for coming out painting faces and making masks, and all of the costumed fans out in their Free Comic Book Day best. We especially appreciate Captain America Dad and Little Man for coming out and letting us celebrate Little Man’s birthday with a cake.

Feel free to head to our Facebook page and see the photos that were taken and submitted and if you have any photos, please share them so that others can enjoy them!

He owed Hoody money!Happy Birthday, Little Man!The Kid and ILes needs a Snickers