April 22, 2011

Changes to the website

You may have noticed that I’ve been posting a little bit more as of late. With the loss of the old job, I’ve had some time on my hands. Even though the wife still struggles with her brain tumor, she is back at work and that is a big blessing, but I need to try and fill in where I can. I’ve been cleaning house, doing laundry, and making sure that she and the kid are fed on schedule (more the kid than the wife) and taking care of all the little things that we weren’t able to get to when I was working. It also means that our weekends are free. Getting the girls out of the house and into the sunlight helps everyone and moods are lifted. I’m able to plan meals which means less eating out and healthier choices.
As these are all big pluses, there is still a lack of funds coming into the coffers. So, by utilizing what I have, I am trying to remedy that. One of the ways that I’ve started is by hiring myself out to local authors to help promote their works and themselves. It’s slow work, but the gentleman that I reviewed last week has become one of my first customers. Ronald Dunn is the local businessman who wrote a novel as a bucket list item and I was impressed with his first outing. He was impressed that I was impressed and so we’ve become associates of a sort. I will be putting a disclaimer on that review, so that someone doesn’t think that I was coerced. My opinion of the novel was developed well before the work relationship.
Another way of making a little scratch is by monetizing this site. You’ll see some affiliate links to Amazon. Yes, I know after the failure of my bookstore this seems a little ironic, but I don’t see Amazon as being the great destroyer. There were a lot of factors that led to the downsizing of Borders Books. I will also be placing a Netflix widget on the page. I’m a big fan of Netflix and have used them to replace my cable. With streaming technology, I’ll be saving almost $100 a month and I’ll watch a lot less TV.
If you have any suggestions about other ways to make money using my blog, let me know, or if you just have suggestions in general, I’m always glad to listen!

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