April 19, 2011

Great Weekend: Art Show and Air Show

One of the benefits of unemployment is the ability to have weekends off no questions asked. My wife’s job is one that she has that option but in the retail business it’s almost out of the question.
Art in the Square DoggyWith a full tank of gas (yikes! the prices!) we were off to Southlake for Art in the Square hosted by the Southlake Women’s Club. I had actually heard about this from a friend on Facebook and thought that it would be good to get the wife and kid out in the sun. It wasn’t too warm and the wind was blowing. Breezy, not hurricane. Tons of artists with really cool works of art and lots of ideas for the wife’s beading hobby. The kid just was happy to be mobile and she got to meet some nice doggies.
Sunday we were off to Fort Worth for the Air Power Expo at the Joint Reserve Base. They were celebrating the 100th anniversary of Naval Aviation! Being a former Navy twidget (that’s electronic technician to all the civies) I wanted to see the Blue Angels and all the other beautiful aircraft they had. We decided to leave the kid at a friend’s house due to the heat and noise. We got there a little after eleven not realizing that there were no signs off of the highway pointing to the base. I hadn’t been there in almost fifteen years, so I was little fuzzy on the location. Missed one of the first demonstrations but not a lot I could do about that.
Plenty of classic aircraft to go round and awesome air power on display. Below are just some of the aircraft we saw and you can follow the link to my Facebook page to see the rest. Granted, we didn’t see the Blue Angels. The wife’s cancer saps her strength and with the all of the walking and them flying late, we just couldn’t do it, but if you live in the area and ever get the chance, don’t pass it up. It’s free and so is the parking.
DSC02558 DSC02572
DSC02587 DSC02622
DSC02612 DSC02606
DSC02624 DSC02635
DSC02639 DSC02644


  1. Glad you enjoyed it. I was working security all three days.

  2. Thanks for the visit! I'm looking forward to the next one.


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