May 17, 2012

Dallas Comic Con 2012

Alright, Fans, listen up! There’s been a few changes here and there and I want to make sure that you are updated before you go.

Stan Lee by Gage Skidmore at FlickrFirst off due to personal circumstances, Stan Lee will only be there on Saturday. He has agreed to sign some Friday evening, if you show your Saturday/Sunday badge. If you haven’t purchased them yet, never fear, the box office will be open at 4:30 PM, so that you may purchase them.


Next, Val Kilmer had to cancel due to conflicts with his one-man show. It would seem that Mr. Kilmer has written and stars in a play about Mark Twain. Good luck to him and hopefully he can reschedule for the Fan Days event in October.

Summer Glau by @Photo. on Flickr


And last, but not least, Kristanna Loken is working on a studio project for Cannes and will have to reschedule for Fan Days also, but it opens up a window for an actor that just makes squee! (Please do not attempt to picture a 44 year old man squeeing!) Summer Glau will be taking her place! That’s right, River Tam will be in attendance, so come get your pictures and autographs!



Autographs will be a little expensive at this one so I’ll have to pick and choose, but I’ll think I’ll do okay. Patrick Stewart is charging $75 with the next lowest being Stan Lee at $50. It will cut into my book run fund, but Momma gives a good allowance!

So, Dallas Comic Con site is here. It’s this weekend May 18th, 19th, and 20th.

Be sure and come back here to tell me your stories! EXCELSIOR!

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