May 23, 2012

What Did I Miss? or My Adventures in New Mexico

We decided to skip all the festivities in Dallas this past weekend (Dallas Comic Con, DFW Writers Workshop, etc.) and head out to the west to get a good look at a total solar eclipse. The best chance for totality started in the area around Lubbock and headed north west. We only intended on driving that far, but changed our minds and thought we’d get out of the state. Here’s some shots that I took with my Droid through a pair of binoculars with a filter. The binoculars were provided by a very nice couple named Bill and Sharon from Pueblo, Colorado. Thank you, guys for your hospitality! Check out this link to see my trip album on Facebook.

Of course, going on this trip means that I missed out on all the fun times at Dallas Comic Con and working a table at the DFW Writers Conference. So, I ask that if you have any cool photo links, send them to me and I’ll post the links here. Did you remember to take a camera?

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