July 6, 2012

Lewisville Science Fiction Book Club July 2012

Lewisville Science Fiction Book Club will be holding their meeting on July 13th, 2012 in their usual spot at the IHOP in Lewisville at 7:30 PM. Below you will find a list of upcoming books that will be read and discussed with the first being ‘The Hunger Games’ by Suzanne Collins.

I’ve missed out on the last few meetings and will probably not be attending as many as I would like seeing that I now live 30 miles away. That doesn’t mean that I won’t check back in from time to time, as I do love the company. This group accepted me in as a stranger and made me feel at home and I do not plan on severing that tie anytime soon.

If you live in the area, check them out and if you haven’t finished the book (I think I’m the only one) still go.

Are you a member of a book club already? What do you like about your club that makes you recommend it to others?2012-07-06_10-15-40_616

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