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We now return to our roots as a blog about the Geek Community in DFW but especially in the areas around Garland.

Roll2Play Grand Opening in Coppell

P1000081If you’ve been to any of the conventions in the last two years here in the DFW area, then you’ve probably seen Tiffany Franzoni  and her crew at the Roll2Play. Board games, card games, dice or die (pl?), and much more. Well, now they’ve gotten themselves a great location in Coppell. Of course, they did wait until I moved out of the area, but I’m not bitter. Much.

This Saturday, July 14th, they will be having their grand opening with all the fanfare a new business of this caliber deserves. The guest list looks great with all of this to look forward to:

The 501st and USS Navras will be raising money for the local Boys & Girls Club and Cook Children’s Hospital.

Doors open at 11 AM with most guest wrapping up between 2:30 PM and 4. Tiffany says that this will free up tables for gaming, demos, and events. Dress casual and comfy because it will be a warm day and lots of people, but if you don’t have a comfy shirt, then you can get a Roll2Play t-shirt for $20. When I spoke with Tiffany a few weeks back, she assured me that she gets large sizes for fanboys like me, so I’ll be sporting mine!

So, what are you in to? Board games, card games, or RPGs?