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Tesla Vs Edison Showdown at Unobtanium 2012“What do you get when you marry a steampunk meet up with a comic con, a music festival, a county fair, the "virtual-world-made-real" approach of a Renaissance festival, toss in a rabid fan base, add a plethora of inventors, hackers, revisionist historians, and "makers," wrap it in a carefully constructed mythos...
...and add electricity?”





Yep, that’s what they are saying! And boy does TESLA VS EDISON: SHOWDOWN AT UNOBTANIUM sound super cool! It’s a two-day event like a Renaissance festival but there is a story unfolding around you as you interact with the cast and even become a part of the story. It all centers around the fictional mining town of “Unobtanium, Texas.”

“Arch-rivals Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison will be trading barbs throughout the day on Saturday and Sunday. The actual “Showdown” will occur on Saturday night at 10 pm and re-occur Sunday at 5:00 pm. Not unlike a political candidate’s forum, the brain duel will start out somewhat civilly, with questions posed by our celebrity moderator, but will denigrate into the knock-down, drag out you’ve been waiting breathlessly for! Sparks will fly. Ray guns will be drawn. History will be re-made!”

It’s not too late to get tickets and this definitely sounds like it will make for a great weekend.

Click here, if you’d like to hear about the real-life “feud” between the two inventors turned out (poor elephant.)