December 21, 2017

Heroclix - Ring in the New Year

Celebrate the "Past" Year and look to the "Future."

Build a 600 pt team where you have at least 100pts of "Past" keyword and 100 pts "Future" keyword separately no overlap.
- Golden Age
-Tactics limited to the following:
1) 3 ID Cards
2) 1 Possessor/Equip character 
3) special objects or relics 
4) Theme Teams
Vehicles and 1 Colossal per team allowed. 
Not Allowed:
-Con Exclusive Felix Faust/Dr. Strange

$3 Entry Fee

Additional Info
No tactics aside from what is allowed per event description.

If you are interested in playing, click on the Facebook event page to show that you are going and also go to the Wizkids link below and sign up.

Heroclix - Ring in the New Year