December 2, 2017

Make Your Holiday Geektastic With A Wish List!

For the first time here at A Galaxy Called Dallas, we are implementing a plan to help you and yours find the right holiday gifts. By coming in and browsing our shelves and searching our catalogs, you can make it easy for loved ones to find a gift for you. In fact, if you have geek siblings or you're lucky enough to have geek parents, send them in to fill out a wish list, too!

Fill out the slip with your personal info and what you are hoping to receive for Christmas and we'll keep it on file. Then tell all of your family and friends where your favorite local comic shop can be found. When they arrive, all they have to do is ask for your list and we'll help them find the items or place an order for the items. Keep in mind, orders and shipping get iffier the closer to Christmas Eve.

If you can't make it in but have items in mind, email or message us on Facebook and we'll take care of you. We ask you to do this instead of calling that way we have a digital paper trail to track what was asked for.

Here's to a Merry Christmas for everyone!