August 17, 2020

You may be entitled to compensation!

Facebook Fact Checks My Post 

Not likely, but you never know what tomorrow may bring. I recently shared a post from IFL Science: Covid-19 Captain America Conspiracy explaining the conspiracy and then debunking it.

Well, the Facebook Bots were on a rampage leaving nothing but scorched earth behind as my post got infected by the "Fact Check" shade. You've seen it on a lot of political conspiracies and other posts running around Facebook, but you'd think that Zuckerberg's Bots would be a little smarter than this. 

The first time that I tried to contest it, I got a pop-up that said they didn't have enough staff to review due to the Covid-19. But I was able to finally send in a complaint and we'll see how fast it gets reviewed.

Has anyone else been "fact-checked" for something this innocuous? Let's me hear about it! Oh, and feel free to use these if and when you do!

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