October 5, 2020

What I'm Watching: The Monster Squad

I had all intentions of watching a new vampire movie with the Kid, but she was worried that it was too scary. Yeah, definitely need to have her watch more so that I can build up her tolerance. Anyway, we ended up watching THE MONSTER SQUAD. 

This movie came out the year after I joined the Navy so I wasn't necessarily the target market. In fact, I'm not even sure that the kids involved were the target market. This was the first time that I had watched it and have to admit that I really enjoyed it.

Now remember, I watched it with my 10 yo daughter. She probably should be a little older to watch this, but I explain things to my kid. Your discretion is advised. There is language and some scenes that probably will need some context by parents. I had to explain what a virgin is and how some things the boys did were not really appropriate. Some of the jokes were dated, but overall, if your watching and can lend context, then they should like it. My kid did. 

Are you a "Monster Squad kid?" Or are you like me and watching it much later in life?

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