June 17, 2013

Movie Review: MAN OF STEEL - Superman Soars on the Big Screen

***Disclaimer*** This is my opinion and nothing else. I will not tell anyone to NOT watch this movie, that decision must be made on your own, but I WILL tell you what I liked and disliked about it.

Wall Paper Man of Steel Henry Cavill GlyphFrom the trailers, you knew MAN OF STEEL was going to explore the emotions of Superman. This was going to be a thinker, but to make sure that folks came to watch, you’ve got to have some action. And boy, did it have some action. For a major portion of the 143 minute long film, your senses are assaulted by explosions and blurry fight scenes. This isn’t a bad thing. I believe that the movie makers captured what it would be like for almost god-like creatures to do battle on our planet. This is one area where we depart from the original Superman. Whereas in comics and movies, Superman was always saving people, even if it meant that he took a beating, in Man of Steel, if you’re a puny human, you better get your butt out of the way or you are toast. I think it was done to convey a little more realism, if you can say that when reviewing a superhero movie. Superman can’t possibly save everyone, and that’s been brought up before in the comics, so by bringing down the bad guys faster, you save more lives. Just a thought.

General Zod Wall Paper Man of Steel Michael ShannonWith Zack Snyder directing and Christopher Nolan helping out with the writing, you knew that it was not going to be your usual Superman. From the earliest beginnings of Kal-el’s childhood, he wants to know who he is and where is he from and why does he have these powers. John, his earthly father, warns him to keep his power secret for fear of what humans may do to him, but at the same time wants greater things for him. Talking about conflicting. The actors are really able to convey this turmoil and you can’t help but feel the weight that the characters are wearing. This is another departure from original Superman. Pa Kent was always steadfast in “do the right thing,” whatever that may be and Superman was always portrayed as knowing from the first that he would be a savior to people. It was cut and dried, black and white. But, there comes a time when you have to ask, is it humanly (or inhumanly) possible to be that way? Every situation is different. Can every situation be handled the same way that all the others have been handled before? You’ll find out what Snyder and Nolan think when you see MAN OF STEEL.

1sheet_poster Man of Steel Henry Cavill GlyphThis movie has a few easter eggs in it and visually the movie is stunning. At times, I think there is just too much to see and your eyes might get a little fatigued. The acting is great and I have to admit that I’m pretty impressed by Henry Cavill’s portrayal of Superman. I had a little problem with language. I guess I’m a little older now, but the use of a certain word in the beginning of the movie, twice no less, was really not necessary. I know the movie had a PG-13 rating, but still. Come on, you can tell a great story without resorting to words like that. There are a few plot points that I didn’t understand, but in the end, I loved this movie. I still have faith that Superman stands for truth, justice, and the American way.

Seen it yet? What did you think? Didn’t like it? Why? Yeah, I want to know.


  1. Saw it Friday. Great film! Loved the action in it, although I felt there could have been a slight bit more to Clark Kents side of life without Superman. Kinda wish they would have introduced him to the Daily Planet towards the start, but I still really enjoyed what Snyder has done.

  2. I can't get excited about it. That says a lot with the huge superhero nerd that I am. I'm actually waiting for DVD.

  3. Andrew: Thanks for posting. I would have liked to have seen a little more of Clark, also, instead of them just putting him and Lois together right off the bat. It wasn't enough for me to worry about, though. Glad you enjoyed the movie!

  4. The Mason: There are a few of my friends that weren't really excited about it either. Can you pinpoint exactly what is missing from the trailers that give you that "meh" feeling? Or is it just an overall lack of excitement? Thank for the comments.

  5. Andrew: Sorry, Andrew, didn't realize it was THAT Andrew! How's the graphic novel business?


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